Heartbleed Vulnerability

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Some of you may have noticed in the news, recent info about the Heartbleed Vulnerability. While we have been silent until now about the issue, it does not mean in any way that we don't take your privacy or security seriously. In fact it means quite the opposite.

When news of Heartbleed first hit the public wires, we rushed to check all our servers and services to discover that only our newest servers were vulnerable. The older servers were always using an older version of SSL that never had the Heartbleed Vulnerability. As many of you know, BigCloset was only on the new servers for a matter of days before Heartbleed was announced, and they were patched almost immediately, just as soon as our upstream OS vendor made a patch available.

Site Upgrades and Server Updates

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Hey Everyone.

We did some essential software updates (Core and Modules) and things seem to be running a tad bit more efficiently.

February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Contest Winners

February 2014
Beholden of the Heart
Story Contest Winners Announcement!
Yes, yes yes! People have won!

Rule Three - It's not about you

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If you have a problem with someone else on the site, understand that that is not the site's problem as long as that person is obeying the very simple rule of keeping it friendly.

Rule Two - Give Everyone the Benefit of the Doubt

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This is just as important as Rule One. If you think someone has deliberately offended you, think a second time.

What if you're wrong?

Rule One - Keep it Friendly

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Rule One
This is a friendly place...

Are there limitations on images used on BC?

Three sorts of limitations apply:

Hatbox Gifts and News

We're doing well with donations for this month, though we could use a bit more to finish off. If you notice, we've spent $700 on equipment this month which is reported in the Server Fund numbers.

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's Back to the Datacenter I Go!

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Hi everyone, Just a quick note.

Amy (My Fiance), Liam (Our Son) and I are headed up to Bridgewater, NJ today so that I can rack more equipment and get two other servers that were left un-configured, online.

Hooray for Buttercup and Bubbles! (and donations)

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We've got BC up and running on the new server, Buttercup, and it does run faster!

BC Server Status - Update 3

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Hey Everyone,

So yesterday, I spent 6+ hours in our new datacenter, racking, and configuring equipment.

February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Contest Voting

February 2014
Beholden of the Heart
Story Contest Voting!
Voting Starts now through April 2, 2014!

Disaster in Scranton - Impact on BC Servers

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Right now we thought we would have our new servers installed and operating, ready to move BC over to them by, perhaps, Friday. Ain't going to happen.

The Future of BigCloset -- We Are Janglewood LLC

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We Are Janglewood LLC

As of last week, Piper, Cat and I have incorporated as Janglewood, LLC.

Janglewood LLC

The power of sexy

Whatever happened to this great story (author is xoxox I think)? Is it and the remainder available anywhere? I think it is a great story and I want to know 'what happens next'.

Earnings potential

Here's an interesting chart, prepared by a friend of mine.

Please Don't Repost Stories without talking to staff

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Here's a link to the list of "lost stories".

Lost Stories

Becoming a lady - A young man's legacy.

|Can anyone tell me who wrote this story please?

TopShelf's February 2014 Beholden of the Heart Story Contest

February 2014
Beholden of the Heart
Story Contest
Contest Starts February 1, 2014!

Updated Contest Information Inside!
Please Read!!

We're Back! (Updated)

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We'll be working on problems here for most of the weekend it looks like, so be patient and be kind. :)

Here's a list of known problems.

Hatbox Gifts

We got a good head start on February this month and I want to thank everyone who contributed. We even got some donations for the hardware fund. :)

Hatbox, Still

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We're a almost halfway through the month and more than a third of our goal. Thanks, everyone.

NEW Site Email

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Hey Everyone!

Just a little note, we have switched from sending our emails via our own home-grown email servers (exim) to using a 3rd party SMTP service.

Monday Story Challenge - Glitch!

Something has gone wrong! Seriously, perhaps humorously, but definitely -- wrong!

Fuller Breast Man

Okay, this is just a title that keeps recurring to me, I don't have time to write the story. But maybe someone else does? :)


Christmas in the Hatbox

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First of all, Merry Christmas to all who want to celebrate that holiday and Happy Holidays to those celebrating some other day and Seasons Greetings to everyone else!

Expenses and the Hatbox

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I set the donations goal for November at only $1000 so we could start December at $0 instead of continuing to be a whole month off. November also completed our 14th year of running BigCloset!

Tuckerspawn is back up

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After a minor repair to the database, Tuckerspawn is back up. It went down because of the brownout at our ISP in Denver last week.

Have fun!



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Weather in the Denver area interrupted power and connectivity to the server farm. They worked on the problem for quite a while then it took even longer to get all the servers rebooted.


I had one of those tedious dreams last night.

I've been very ill today

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I'm feeling better now but I woke up at 330 AM last night with diarrhea and vomiting that lasted till a bit after noon.

Hatbox Gifts Needed

Contributions to the Hatbox continue to be what keeps Piper and I able to keep this website and a dozen others used by the TG community active and running.

Angela Rasch's "Voices Carry Over Water" is now available to contributors to the Hatbox and we will soon have the revised version of "To Alleviate Suffering" there, too. Thanks very much, Angela. :)

TopShelf's December 2013 Three Wise Men Story Contest

December 2013
Three Wise Men
Story Contest

TopShelf's Christmas 2013 Three Wise Men Story Contest

Okay, Christmas is just around the corner, and I am still designing the official Contest page. My medical condition has worsened and money is very tight.

The October 2013 Costumes Contest Voting!

October 2013
Contest Voting!

TopShelf's October 2013 Costumes Contest Results

The 2013 TopShelf's October 2013 Costumes Contest has ended.

But who won?

Muwhhahhaahaaa! *Evil laugh*

... if you really want to know....

"YES! Tell us already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

then click the title link above... and enter at your own risk!

TopShelf's October 2013
Story Contest Results

by Sephrena Lynn Miller

No Copyright Intended © 2013

How to Complain...

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Got a problem or an urgent question about the site?

Best way to get an answer is to send a PM to Erin.

Contest Ends Tonight!

The Contest Submissions Deadline ends tonight at 11:59 pm Pacific time.

Content Subscriptions and Notifications

We're going to try a new capability here after a recent request. Now you can subscribe to your favorite authors to be notified when they post new stories. :) At least, we hope this works.

Back from the con

Back from the con, I had a great time. I'm working in the bookstore today and have a writer's group meeting tonight but I will be on and off. And Piper and Amy had their baby!

What a weekend!

No wifi tonite

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Much too hard to do this on the phone, see you all in the morning.


Lack of... entries

With there being roughly 20 some days left for the submissions, I have looked through the entries and found only a dozenish.

Gifts and Bills

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We just payed our $1572 hosting bill and will have another smaller one next month (or maybe it is in November).

Gifts to keep BC running

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We're halfway through September and have half of our goal received for August.

Gifts to keep BC running

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It's the middle of August and we still aren't halfway to our goal for July.

Nacho Pie

I've made this twice recently, it's good hot weather food and it comes out differently every time so this recipe is just a guideline.

Rule One Means...

Disrespecting anyone's profession of belief in a comment, blog or forum post is not allowed on BC. Please don't attempt to embarrass someone with public comments here.

Thanks, Everybody - Hatbox Update

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We made our goal and thanks to everyone who contributed. I have a couple of checks here still to deposit that didn't get done because last week I was sick and the week before I was on vacation.

Work Safe Titles and Teasers on Front Page, new CAUTION tag

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This is a new extension to the friendly rule; titles and teasers that appear on the front page should be work safe and if there are non-work friendly images past the teaser, that should have a caution

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