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All Things Being Equal, I'd Rather Have a Pepsi

All Things Being Equal, I'd Rather Have a Pepsi

By Bimbo Alison
July 2008

Rick is very thankful that Stan the Sprite showed up to save he and his family from a fatal car accident. But when a magical creature with a gambling problem asks you for "one little favor" in return for his help, you can be sure that there'll be nothing little about it!

Hi... and a Couple of Questions

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Hello all --

I'm very happy to have joined this site, it seems like a nice family. And I'll keep plugging along with my little stories until someone tells me to stop, if that's ok with you!

I had a few questions, though, if you don't mind. Didn't want to do anything to step on toes, so I thought I'd ask first.

A Devilish Turn of Events


By Bimbo Alison

For the Devil, collecting souls is harder than ever. So when he sees an opportunity to mess with a happily married couple, he cannot resist. After tricking the husband down a dark path, will true love prevail? For once, we get to hear this tale from the Devil's point of view.

Strangers on a Train


By Bimbo Alison

A bored but romantic-at-heart witch enjoys a cross-country train trip. On her journey she touching many lives aboard the train and tries to make them better, while working around many of the rules and regulations of the magic community.

Hope you enjoy!


Quite A Lot of Sex


Hi all - This is the first story I've submitted here. My others live at Fictionmania, but it was suggested to me that I should put them up here as well. If people enjoy this one, I'll bring the others over too, and post my new ones here as well. If people say "Lord no, keep that dreck away from here!" I'll slink quietly to my bed and cry in my pillow. :-)

It's a story about Wilbur Green, who desperately wants to be transformed into a huge boobed bimbo. Imagine his delight when he finds out there is indeed magic in the world and his dreams are possible! Imagine his distress when things don't go exactly as he planned!

Hope you enjoy!

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