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Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 09-10-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 09-03-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-27-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-20-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-13-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 08-06-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-31-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-23-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-16-14



Meme of teh WEEK



Marvel takes Rule 63 to Thor

Rule 63: "For any given male character, there is a female version of that character."

Just add water

Close to Home

OK, now imagine if doing this instead of animals, padded hips and butt, and somehow breasts.

A few pieces of entertainment for those on BC.

The return of the Beautiful Sailor Scouts.
As of 3 am (PDT)today, Saturday, July 12, 2014.

The reboot of Sailor Moon, has already started.

Stardraigh's meme of teh WEEK!!! - 07-09-14



Meme of teh WEEK



I got us some memes... (6 images)

Mainly because no one was here to stop me when I did this. Where's an adult around when you need one?

Transgender in EGS Comics.

The current week of strips is looking at transgenderism (well, more seriously in part than it has in the past)


Oh Mickey

What would Donald say, or Walt? (Actually what will the Disney Legal team say?)



Free Manga Drawing book on kindle

I know we have some artists and aspiring artists here, so I wanted to afford you the opportunity to get this free book on drawing manga style stuff.

Looking for manga-type artist

As the title shows, I'm looking for someone with good manga-drawing ability. I'm not going to ask someone draw manga with me, I just need someone to draw the characters and the backgrounds.

Disney Hero(ine)s

Enjoy your favorite Disney Heroes as they should be.

A cartoon for you.


The scariest story of your life!

Recently I came across the scariest webtoon of my life while looking for information of ghosts that inhabit the internet. I don't mean the movie.


The television is saying, "Without a doubt, there is a boom in crossdressing...."

Female roles in Comic-book movies

Had an interesting conversation recently on the subject of the role of women in comics and comic-book movies, and here is my opinion.

movies, fashon, and family

So today I spent the day with my 7Y/O cousin. She was a blast to be around. We started the day by making cookies and burning them, she thought that was hilarious, I felt really bad.

The Princess

Okay, I followed a comic "The Princess" about a young transgender girl over on the drunkduck website. Well, that site apparently ceased operations in July/August.

What do you think?

Hello everone! I'm of need of some opinions here. My book Heroes of Justice has lingered in the backroom for ages. There're many reasons why, but mostly because of the lack of a cover.

On The Subject OF Christmas Songs

This is one that you will definitely not hear in shopping malls. Take note of my warnings.

Otherwise, have a very Merry Christmas,


the worst accidental cliche

"Needless to say, the choice was oblivious."

I wanted to ,ry when i read this line in a story that Jasmine bought from amazon for $u

That and the 13 other typos made be set it for return

There's a story here...

Fminus Dec 1

Things not to do...

Do not rob a jewelry store with a crossdressing partner.

Rubes Nov 22,2013

How small was your home town?

Was it this small?

B.C. Comic 10-26-13

Batwoman Writer and Artist Quit

So it looks like DC has struck again with their single minded stupidness.

This is bad.

Sorry if I over blog this but Evil is just ..... well Evil.

Their joke are so bad. Lol

And we know what happen to Dijinn

The risks of being "retconned" ...

Considering the ongoing interest in comics (and the number of comic retcon stories that were posted on BigCloset some months back), I offer this single strip from Evil, Inc., a comic about a corporati

"Shezow" link

For the curious, here is a link to a Youtube copy of the first episode of "Shezow", the cartoon about a boy who becomes a girl superhero.

Anime Boston!

So just got back from my weekend at Anime Boston 2013. As usual it was a another great year with lots of entertainment and many funny people.

Cosplay to Crossplay

Found this on youtube. Now you can picture what you read.

The Family Girl #57: It's Half Full!

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #57: It's Half Full!

To see all of Bobbie's Family Girl Blogs, click on this link:

It is disheartening at times (lately it's almost all the time), to be reading tales of woe and hardship, of depression and sadness, here in my favorite site. I suppose our community has more than its share of hardship stories. More than other equivalent communities, I'm sure. I can understand that. I've been there, too, after all. But, even so, I wish there were more positive posts. Goodness knows I try to be positive in my blogs as often as I can, if just to provide a contrast to what is apparently the norm now here in the Blogs section of BCTS.

You got to be kidding

The new theory on what a real man would do confronted with a certain dilemma.

DC Comics Introduces New Transgendered Character

From WIRED magazine via Huffington Post Gay Voices:

April Fool's Day!

I find it unusual that Easter Sunday is followed up by April Fool's Day.

Some may find that ominous, while others might think it funny. Me - I prefer to think it funny.

Anyway, Just wanted to tell everyone to watch out, coz it's April Fool's Day!

Need Illustrator

I wrote a children's book. It's posted. But I want to create a real children's book and an ebook version. The comments have been supportive (if not teary eyed).

Wishful Thinking continues

And Lo, Yet more WT goodness is delivered unto the people of TG land.

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