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A better definition of "normal"

Many have debated and tried to define the question: "What is normal?"

The Family Girl #71: About loneliness and other things

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #71: About loneliness
and other things: checking out
the chatroom

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Somebody made it work

Somebody made it work.


Huffpost serendipity

I looked at the Huffpost entry re Texas bigotry, and found this. Pardon me while I weep happy tears,

Happy Easter

I hope everyone on this Site is having a safe and a Great Easter today

Katie and Arin move on

I was saddened to read that the famous se-change couple Katie Hill and Arin Andrews had parted.

Penguin Couple

Rare Female Penguin Couple at Israeli Zoo|main5|daily-buzz2|sec3_lnk1|422940

Jasmine left for bangkok

as there was a cancellation, so she is away and I am feeling betrayed. She never talked about this with me, I thought she was happy as we were.

Heartwarming Story

Read this rather nice story this morning.

Happy BabyDay!

There is a 90% chance that Liam will arrive today...

So.... Happy BabyDay!


Baby Update & We Need Help!

Hey Everyone!

The Baby is Coming!

Soon.... Actually.... Tomorrow!

(Please Keep Reading)

I am Back, .... And my cat is dieing

Thank to the work of Joyce and Erin of One of the best sites on the Internet.

I have obviously been able to finally after a 1/2 year of not being able to sign-in, sign in again.

The Family Girl #67: In Remembrance

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #67: In Remembrance

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As many of you know, Holly Hart passed away recently. 40 days ago, to be exact.

I don't really know about others, but among traditional Catholics, we usually hold a requiem mass forty days after a loved one's passing. I was not a relative of Holly's IRL, so I did not think it proper to arrange for such a mass. So all I did was to include Holly's name (both as Holly Logan and Holly Hart) in the list of mass intentions for yesterday's regular service (people can ask a priest to offer a Mass for several reasons, like for example, in thanksgiving, for the intentions of someone else, like a birthday, or for the repose of the soul of someone who has died).

I am not a "real" relative, nor do I think Holly was Catholic, nor particularly religious. I guess this is more for me more than anything, to declare my wishes for her, and to declare my sadness that she's gone.

The Family Girl #66: Sleepy Girl



The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #66: Sleepy Girl

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It's about one AM, Saturday here. Moe and I landed in Manila International an hour ago. We got through customs super-fast (compared to DC), and are staying in the passenger lounge until our ride arrives. Manny is extremely late. I called him and he explained that no one told him we were arriving tonight much less the time of our flight's arrival. Hmmm. Someone dropped the ball there. Will investigate on Monday.

Ah well. Manny said he's at least an hour away. That's okay - gives me time to post this.

The Family Girl #65: Flying... Again... Bleah...

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #65: Flying... Again... Bleah...

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Hello, everyone. Just wanted to let you know, I am back in BigCloset now. But I'm going to be flying in a while so haveta keep this short. Again. Moe n I are flying back to Manila - me to get back to my job, n Moe to resume her little enterprise.

I fly so much, I think I should have a stylized red 'S' on my chest. lolz.

I wonder what it's like.

Sometimes I wonder.

I wonder what it's like to have someone "special." Someone to come home to, or someone who would come home to me.

In-Laws, DyFS, and a Whole Mess of Stuff.....

So shit hit the fan today.

Amy's parents basically told her that I don't care for her, that I'm not welcome as Family any more, and that she will probably be cut off from her family if she doesn't leave me.

And by leave me, I mean they gave her a deadline of next saturday (2 days after the amniocentesis).

Interesting Study: Testicle Size vs. Paternal Behavior

I know many of us think about gender roles and physiology. Here's a story about an interesting study which looks at how the size of a man's testicles might affect how he relates to his children.

Male pregnancy story ideas

I've been thinking of writing a story around the following idea: A seemingly normal teen guy is in the closet about liking guys, and one day at a camp or a sleepover a horny gay teen seduces him and t

059) OMG!!! Abi's Got A Say What!?

So... I might just be getting a boyfriend soon...

I know! I can't believe it!

Anyways... He doesn't... At least, probably not... know about my past yet.

The many ages of consent in America.

Nonsensical laws concerning the age of consent.

The Corollary...

...of course, is this:

Why Men Make Lousy Advice Columnists

You know it's over when... see something like this on your daily commute.


Either Or

Here is a question from a psychological perspective. It is a question I have thought of many times and can't seem to place my finger on how I would answer it.

Transgender Couple, Won't Marry Until Gender Confirmation S

Louis Davies And Jamie Eagle, Transgender Couple, Won't Marry Until Gender Confirmation Surgery Is Complete

What Is Wrong With Homosexuality?

Dr. John Corvino ("The Gay Moralist") frequently gives talks on the religious and moral objections to homosexuality (and thoroughly rebuts them).

Gay Marriage, British Style

Gay Marriage is now legal in England and Wales. This legislation does not effect Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mann, or the Channel Islands.

I’m Engaged... And Pregnant!

Well, not quite... I am engaged, and my Fiance is Pregnant...

The Family Girl #61: It's Too Obvious Now

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #61: It's Too Obvious Now

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It was actually confirmed February 22, but Sweetie and I haven't been telling anyone. We weren't really keeping it a secret, but we would only tell people if they asked. So we've been able to keep it quiet for a while. Which was something we thought was important. I being a post-op TG girl wasn't the issue (as very, very few here know), but the fact that we were in a same-sex relationship was. Especially in a very conservative, predominantly-catholic country like the Philippines. (Guess that's the advantage of Washington DC - people are more blasé about such things back home.) And adding this to the mix will just make us doubly... controversial... So we though keeping this quiet was important.

But that's impossible now.

The Family Girl #60: Six Years of Being Happy

Six Years of Being Happy:
A Little Tribute, and "Thank You" to Holly "Happy" Hart
organized by Bobbie Cabot and Drea DiMaggio

The Family Girl #59: Identity Theft!

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #59: Identity Theft!

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A little while ago (June 5, 10:58pm eastern) I got an e-mail from Laika. From out of the blue, actually.

Her e-mail was a little funny - it didn't have a subject-title, it was also sent to four other people that I didn't know (who is DALENEK1 anyway), and the e-mail's content was just a hotlink to an ad about a raspberry diet supplement.

And a few minutes after that, my iPad started asking me to re-confirm/re-enter the passowords for my other e-mail profiles. Hmmm... that's funny. Anyway, I didn't, and nothing bad happened when I didn't re-enter the passwords... Hmmm...

I cannot therefore help but think that Laika and I were being spoofed.

Came out...kinda

Something unexpected happened to me last week. I spontaneously jumped on an open opportunity and came out to my wife of seven years.

Meeting in Dallas

The Alamo Restaurant & Bar
2701 N. Stemmons Freeway
Dallas, Texas, 75207

One way to look at the Girl Code

Some of the (reality)celebrities and real girls from on TV, have decided (got paid) to talk about the way women look at being a woman and what the issue woman have to do and deal with on a daily basis

The Family Girl #56: Jealous Girl

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #56: Jealous Girl

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Oftentimes I find myself jealous of others, for a myriad of things. I suppose girls with similar... "problems" as mine do, too. When life has given you lemons, and you don't know about lemonade... I am a regular Jealous Girl. At least some of the time.

Great big gobs of thanks to the entire crew of BCTS

Number 1 A great big thank you to all who tirelessly works behind the counter of our little Cyber Pub we call BCTS, all of you deserve our deepest thanks for your dedication, and hard work.

The Family Girl #54: To Wear A Bra...

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #54: To Wear A Bra Or Not To Wear A Bra -
That is the question...

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I read a blog here in BC posted just little while ago, and it caught my eye. I mean, how can it not, with a title like, "Women Better Without Bras." Right? And you don't have to be a boy for a blog like this to pique your interest. Prurient male curiosity aside, women would be interested in the blog, too. (See the post, by MITTFH)

The Family Girl #53: A Summer Girl's Four Epiphanies

The Family Girl Blogs
(aka "The New Working Girl Blogs")

Blog #53: A Summer Girl's Four Epiphanies

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Ma said during our last skype call a few days ago that it's forty-five degrees back home. Living in Manila for a while now, I am now more used to using Centigrade when measuring temperature, as opposed to Fahrenheit, and using kilometers instead of miles when measuring distance. So when she said forty-five degrees, I used my iPad and came up with 7.2 Centigrade. I told her it was 95 degrees here (which is 35 in centigrade-speak). It's so friggin' hot here! What I wouldn't give for a forty-five degree day.

Shamamism and the Transsexual

In most Shamanic traditions, a religious belief system that pre-dates all the mainstream religions, and appears to be almost universal amongst the peoples from whom most modern cultures drew their ins

How I feel, my Love

Songs that say how I feel.

UK one step closer to marriage equality

The Commons have just voted 400:175 in favour of the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill (HC Bill 126), despite a rebellion by nearly half of all Conservative MPs.

Cassie Ellen Has A Boyfriend!

So, Cassie Ellen has a boyfriend!

she has a boyfriend now

I have had a boyfriend for the last week and it has changed my life.

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