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Europe's first transgender pride march.

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From the Guardian - where else? - a transpride march in Brighton. Did you know there's a trans flag? No nor did I.

Another Breakthrough

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Mount Holyoke College in the US is actually quite a big deal; Women's College.

Transgender Lawsuit In South Carolina

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Promising lawsuit filed against the Motor Vehicles department of South Carolina.

Here's the story about it:

And the bride wore a white dress - so did the groom!

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Despite threats from the officials at the Moscow registry office, the two turned up looking like twins, considering Moscow's very strong homophobia, this wasn't against the law.

Ever heard of a burrnesha?

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An interesting article about a woman who took a vow of celibacy and lives as a man in Albania.

More on the Baltimore murders

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From today's Guardian, some of the comments are unhelpful, but the article is sympathetic.

Happy Stonewall Day

Happy Stonewall Day, everyone.

Undercover Doctor

I watched this today at a friend's house.

Birth Certificate News

If this was available in California then Holly Hart might have grown up normal:


my thoughts on duck dynasty

Ok so, recently the main member of the popular tv show voiced his opinion of homosexuality, this angered the LGBT community.

my thoughts on duck dynasty

Ok so, recently the main member of the popular tv show voiced his opinion of homosexuality, this angered the LGBT community.

Ex-Trans Therapy Raises a Very Ugly Head

Transgender Day of Rememberance

Sunday, November 17, 2013 on 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at Cathedral of Hope, 5910 Cedar Springs Rd., Dallas, TX 75235 is having Transgender Day of Remembrance.

6 Transgender Rabbis, More than 6 Stories

Positive article found in The Jewish Daily Forward about transsexual rabbis. Soon there will be six.


Gay Marriage, British Style

Gay Marriage is now legal in England and Wales. This legislation does not effect Scotland, Northern Ireland, Mann, or the Channel Islands.

Trolling Westburo

Sometimes, you have to fight fire with fire.

Shorts win!

Much to nobody's surprise, when the Swedish Railway dropped their opposition to men wearing shorts, the skirts were put away. No trans issue here.


Should he wear white or a black gown.


Prom King is missing a part.

I was reading our local weekly paper, and noticed a letter to the editor commenting about the picture of the High School Prom King and Queen.

ENDA, Second Attempt

Please write your congress critters. We need to get it passed this time.

Some info:

My speech from our TDOR Observance

We are gathered here tonight to mourn those of us who have been taken from us by hatred, violence, and ignorance, but in a larger sense, we are here to celebrate their lives.

TDoR, A Reflection

In 2007 I came home from a Transgender Day of Remembrance and went on my computer. I was told by a virtual niece that a virtual daughter was murdered.

DOMA ruled unconstitutional!

It finally happened! DOMA is unconstitutional!

Click here for news.

Trans in the US Military

There is an interesting discussion at this link about being transgendered in the US Military. The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell does not affect the transgendered in the US Military.

Chris Kluwe responds to anti gay marriage politician

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe responds to anti gay marriage Maryland politician. The Guardian gives a link in the blog to the full letter, forthright doesn't quite do it justice.

Head tries to ban TG student from exams

Head bans transgender pupil from exam... so she shows him Equality Act.

A transgender pupil had to show her headmaster a copy of the Equality Act before he allowed her to sit a GCSE exam while wearing girls’ clothes.

World Pride, London, July 7th 2012

I marched! =) With banner (for an LGBT group I'm part of) held high! =D Many others marched too, including representatives of LGBT organizations from many countries. ^_^
The most amusing part occurred about 2/3 of the way along the marching route. An organized group of bible bashers were bitching through their sound systems and holding banners and generally preaching fire and brimstone on us LGBTers. Most of us glanced at them briefly as we passed, but no-one paid them any further heed. Talk about a gloriously futile gesture. :D

Marital Equity

Conservative Right get something correct, for once.

Suze Orman Is a economic expert from Chicago and one of her expertises is women and their money.

Suze Orman show today on CNBC News channel, had a long feature on the Money worries of gay and to a lesser extent "other" marriages. I think if you are going to have a life partner type of relationship or have one, you need to see this...

(Maybe some thing for USA only but good advice for most)

Aging in the Transgender population: A report and dialogue

This is a study detailing the unequal access to medical and other resources by the aging trans population. As is noted in the link, it is a pdf file and has some substance to it.

World Record Naked Bike Ride?

Angaharad? Maddy? Are you in the ride? ;-D

The Indy: "...let's forget gender altogether."

There's an interesting comment piece in today's Indy. It mainly deals with gender roles in the workplace (so arguing from the WISE / MICE point of view1), but could be applied more widely:

Instead of fighting for gender equality, let’s forget gender altogether

Is this the real skinny on the term transgender?

Cristan seems to have done a real research job in tracking the source of the word down. See what you think.

Was just looking at the local news for the week and found

That the Westro Baptist Church had been in town a few days ago. They picketed at the Easter High School on the East side of town (not to be confused with East Lansing though)

They were met with a wall of love and they showed up at 7 to 7:45. Who plans these pickets? What high schooler is really awake at 7 am? Sure they may be moving, but when I was in high school, I can't recall anything before 10 am.

Great Idea For A T.G. Story

Great Idea For A T.G. Story
By Stanman63

May Your Light Forever Shine

Ex-gay? No way!

The post the other day about the Anglicans putting 'ex-gay' ads on the buses made me react when I saw this news item this morning.

Turns out that the, um, individual that wrote a key article supporting ex-gay therapy is now admitting he was wrong. Not in so many words, but it's a step back in the correct direction.

Funny how these so-called 'objective experts' find them selves tied up in knots trying to justify their own bigotry.

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