Calling Toni Trepasso

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As the title says, Calling Toni Trepasso!!

The reason why is that several months ago, she started posting Becoming Antonia and Mean Girls 3026 and to date, neither story has been finished and I am left feeling the need for the finish of the stories. I know I may have said a couple of things in comments that were sort of out of line, it didn't mean that I didn't like the stories.

Toni, hon, will the stories ever be finished?? You got me hooked, regardless, and now I would like to see them finished.



Is currently involved in a job that keeps her from writing at present. Her life has taken a direction different from what she wanted and she has issues and things to work out. I have talked with her and at present its not possible.

Sephrena Lynn Miller
BigCloset TopShelf

I don't know for certain but I hope all is well with Toni

I read Toni's works regularly when they were posted and enjoyed them all. Toni was new to us at BC and I believe new as a TG writer but I was/am drawn to the attempts Toni made to stretch as a writer. I have re-read parts or all of most of them in recent months.

Becoming Antonia and Mean Girls in particular but the shorter – five part? -- A Cop Story was interesting as was the darker three part drag racing one. I PMed Toni recently but got no response. I hope the real world has not interfered. I got some great PMs back when Toni posted frequently and hope for a return.

I know Bob Arnold was pleased with Toni’s – Becoming Antonia -- interaction with his Jennifer Steven’s Zapped character. I’ve had to reread some of Becoming Antonia as it might impact with my Timeout crossover with Zapped.

Toni is one of a number of people at BC who have gone quiet in the last year. I hope all are well and may return to us.

John in Wauwatosa

The Reason Some Authors

have gone quiet is that real life interferes with writing. Some that went quiet did so because of crude evil comment attacks. While we can be human and not do the latter, the former, real life, is just out of our control. Some will come back later and finish their stories. Some may not. The best I can offer, with having learned what I have in the past 4 months, is to enjoy these authors and their works while you can and while they are here. Treat them and others with love and respect - even when you disagree with their works. Help them learn their craft. If you can spend the effort to tear them apart with an attack - remember, that energy can be put to good use to help them become the author whose works you are looking forward to each and every day.

Things can happen too... such as with authors dying.

The generation of tg's and intersexes born in the 60's and 70's up to the mid 80's - us - are the ones who did not get the proper treatments and had to do hormones and things on our own without much medical supervision and things we know now, were not widespread available then (like the internet and the vast information today on drugs and effects), and some of what was available was not safe. Our health is not as good because of that and other reasons, but the times did play a factor in our health.

Jobs, the economy, financial reasons, marriage, and the rest of real life factors in too why stories are not done.

Appreciate the authors now... and help new ones grow. Care and get to know one another. This is what BigCloset TopShelf is all about. We are a community.

Support our authors - help them. And they will help you with the stories you like to read.

Sephrena Lynn Miller
BigCloset TopShelf

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