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Last September, October, and November was a very productive period of writing for me; however, since then I have basically been in a wasteland for writing.

I think in the beginning I had to get over a bit of burn out, since writing usually plays havoc with my sleep patterns. Then I had a period where my thinking was that it just wasn't worth the hassle, the rewards were outweighed by the effort. However, this was then pushed aside by the realization that I like to create stories. My current problem is that I cannot gain traction on anything, no matter what I try to write I soon become overwhelmed with what is wrong with writing that story. Here are the list of stories I have tried in the last week or two:

  • Hide the Anchovies - My attempt at an on the run story. However, my big difficulty is that I find it more difficult to believe my characters can exist in the real world than in a world which I create.
  • The Courier - A story in the same universe as The Shootist based upon a transition touched upon in A Shootist Avenged. This story has been in my mind for years, in fact it created the universe before the shootist ever was an idea. However, there was a scene that proved up a barrier to forward progress. Now I found a way around that barrier, but worry that it may turn out too smutty.
  • Chosen - The next Merchant tale. I have a lot of emotion for this series, since it was my first story finished and what I consider my best character and world. However, it is also contains the hardest character and world about whom to write, what with continuance of story and tone issues. I am always nervous that I can only make the next story worse, not better. And because of the difficulty in writing it, combined with the response I have received (a small number of positive responses, though those are usually very positive), I struggle to feel it is worth the effort.
  • Revenge of the Pawns - A mystery in a renaissance Italian type of city. All the components exist, yet I am not confident in the filler that is necessary to make the story flow.
  • In this Land - The next Manny and Maude story, my problem is that I would be better able to tell Who's the Fairest, which is the 4th of the what I see as 5 Manny and Maude stories.
  • The Shootist Bored - The fourth shootist story. Those who have read it may realize that the first three follow a consistent pattern, the first half of the story puts Sascha in a place defining his current world in context of his sylph personality. Then the second half is action based, letting out the shootist. For the next story, the sylph story is fairly firm, but the shootist story is murky.
  • The Prophesy - A story in a world that is a conglomeration of the Germanic Holy Roman Empire, Renaissance Italy, Louis XIV France, with a schism in a magical Church. Umm...yeah...I kind of have scope issues here. But the map is done!

A consistent problem across all of these stories is that none of them are short story length. Each is at least a novella, which means that it is not easy to just pick one an power through it and get a win.

I not sure what I will end up getting out of this rut, or if I will. But I just had a need to verbalize (typelize?) my writing issue, I'm hoping it might prove cathartic.

Ah, THAT Manny and Maude, very funny stuff

I love the humor of that series with the male bodyguard transformed by the wacky witch/seamstress and others into several different young women. As of the latest story fairy magic has made her an Amazon Faerie -- um for those who have not read it, picture a gorgeous Amazon Warrior with the wings and features of a pixy/fairy ... No? Try picturing Tinkerbell the height of a pro beach volleyball player but retaining all of her, um, less than modest *charms* or basically someone fitting Hugh Hefner's taste in women. Ooooh the adolescent in my brain is drooling. I rather doubt she will ever be male again or entirely human for that matter but her life will not be dull. Wait until the folks back hoome see him, um, her again.

But then thre is the boy Shay(?)now merged with the demoness Sandelestra in Merchant. That series is a more serious-toned story. Think D&D or some knights in armor/magic epic tale like Tolkein's Ring saga -- complete with a map -- but with sufficient love, intrigue and humor that I dearly wish for more. The former boy is a real hottie and with Sandelestras sexy mannerisms, voice and power … Damn it, I’m drooling again.

The Shootist and that somewhat dystopian future deserves more airtime and the few one offs you’ve done have been excellent.

I suspect the great length of you postings hurts their reader/vote counts. Very large stories, even the very good ones get less readers, a testament to our hectic lives I guess. The quality and storytelling is very apparent if one takes the time to read it. You're one of the better storytellers here, and we have many good ones at BC, and I’d put your nicely wacky twisted humor on par with anyone’s here.

Write for yourself but know you are also writing for me at the very least as well. I imagine a lot more value your work but have failed to say so.

Very best wishes.

By the way, I long assumed the next two chapters in the Manny and Maude series would be Who’s the Fairest and Of them All. I'd love to see an interim end to the story where they get back after her sales trip, she honestly tries to change HIM back but fails utterly, one of the most female and exotic forms somehow becoming permanent. Perhaps it’s the Amazon fairy or a mix of the best features of all. I suspect she will end up a magical creature or witch herself after all these multiple blasts of different magics . A later series could see her as the magic seamstresses business partner/apprentice. As to her love life, hum? I LOVE how he, um she, came sooo close to a night of wild *fun* with the sexy fairies, his deepest sex fantasy come true, only to have it all yanked away at the last minute, very funny stuff. She must be one frustrated and wound up Amazon fairy.

But your imagination will come up with something.

Good luck and best wishes.

Whos the Fairest.

Pretty much what he said. Manny is pretty cool. And you know I like the Shootist, we have mailed about that before. I can't quite remember all of The Merchant series, but I did read them. That girl just keeps getting in trouble.

Spinning wheels

Arcie, John does have it right. Shorts or serials gets more hits and seemingly attention than the long ones. I know that I've enjoyed all of your stories. Your Merchant and Shootist stories are probably my favorites, but all of them are good. Like a lot of us I've got a long list of incomplete and partial stuff. Picking which one to try and concentrate on is never easy. If I can get just a few lines a day finished, at least I've done something. Usually I'll get pass some kind of wall and suddenly I've just finished 3 or 5 thousand words. I do keep track of just how much I do get down even if it is not entire accurate when I have to go back and delete/rewrite. I pat myself on the back for big numbers, and tell myself I need to do better on other days. BE positive!

Whatever you do post, I will read it!



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