Found about 20 lost stories that were removed from Old Joes Archive

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I found this somewhere (I think someone gave it to me)


It has a larger selection of stories than the current Old Joes Collection.


Waht a fountain..

... of astories. Many of which were lost on my crashed harddisk last fall. I will have no problems with my time this summer to re-download and re-format their font, pagesize and typograhic to the ones I like most.
A warm thank you for opening this immense source of TG-stories.

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It's actually just a ...

... specific page in the "Internet Wayback Machine":

If you know what the original URL was, you can plug it into the radio block, click on the "take me back" button, and it will show you an array of the pages, as they were on a variety of dates (usually weekly samples, but often more often) going back to 1998 - except for pages blocked by the current owner, as in the case of Mindy's old "" which was apparently picked up one of those URL hostage takers.

For example, try:*/

~hundreds~ of listings.

Unfortunately, in the case of FM, the pages which actually have links to stories, e.g


have been blocked by the "FM Task Force".

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