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I wandered lonely in a crowd
That moved towards the checkout tills
When all at once, I had a thought
I hadn’t taken all my pills–
Pills for this and pills for these
Some for headaches and some for knees.

And oft when on the loo I sit
It’s vacant–like my pensive mood
Tries to read graffiti left,
The messages though often rude
My heart with laughter, it just kills,
And dances till the cistern fills.

(with apologies to Wordsworth).


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Well, not literally, but you get the idea...

A brilliant parody - particularly the first verse :)


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Isn't one of the lines ...

" a hoast of golden worker ants!"

Monty Python, last season.

"Half an inch, half an inch, half an inch onward ..."

John in Wauwatosa

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Very good

I could write something here about 'captain's logs' and 'Klingons' but it would only be in bad taste....

Excellent poem, brought a smile....

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The Picture

Angharad; The picture reminds of Northern California, USA even though I know it's somewhere in Great Britian! Richard


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