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The Daily Express triumphs again! This was the headline article on Saturday 15th August 2009. It's about the formation of a support group by transgendered police officers/civilian workers, which might get some funding to set it up. This is cutting edge investigative journalism at its...never mind, bloody tabloid comic.

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Tabloid fair, as usual. Sounds like a good idea, really. Those twits that attack it as a waste of public money seem not to have noticed that this new organization has apparently not gotten any public funding at this point.

It appears that there are other staff associations within the police department. It would be interesting to see what groups they support and how much if any public funds they get. What's sauce for the goose, and all that.


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I was at Sparkle and I met the TG officers mentioned. This is another example of the drivel put out by this comic, which is exactly why such groups are needed. I note with interest that they have disabled commenting after the response they got to their last diatribe, hardly objective journalism and god forbid anyone who disagrees.

[edit] The Mail has been at it too:
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That which does not kill me only serves to delay the inevitable. My blog => <= note new address

I want to wish the group well

The article left it unclear as to whether the group is getting any taxpayer money, at least to me here inn the colonies.. The Home Office says "We have not provided any funding ..." and nowhere else did the article indicate that any taxpayer money, unless one counts the time spent by Mike Cunningham and any other staff dealing with the issue.

Being from west of the pond, I was originally interested because I thought a friend of mine would be interested if she was unaware of it, but it will not be necessary to tell her because she, ( Cheryl Daniels), is mentioned in the article.


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Sadly, that article is typical of the Express. The trend started with their main rival, The Daily Mail (often nicknamed the Daily Wail), and of course the Express had to follow suit. Their editors (and readers) always appear to be stuck in a 1950s timewarp, and believe that almost every change to society since then has been for the worse. (Think of an editorial policy line similar to Chicken Licken, and you won't be too far off!)

It's very telling that in the Mail's column (which does allow comments), the worst rated comments happen to be the ones criticising the author's attitude. But it does highlight something interesting - whereas the Express claims the group has already received "thousands of pounds" in taxpayer's money, the Mail claims they haven't even submitted an application for funding yet...

And even if they do have a few thousand pounds funding, that money could probably do very little in terms of fighting crime, especially as a typical PC will earn ~£20,000/year. And as for the burqua incident, it was probably outreach work to a section of society that probably feels very insecure, and would be very reluctant to approach the police to report any crimes they'd witnessed...


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As pointed out...

The Home Office claims (at least) that they don't provide any funds, which seems odd after the newspaper have just spent many inches of valuable newsprint alleging the opposite. We note that they don't come out and claim that the Home Office are lying. No intestinal fortitude, evidently.

Drunkenness, on the other hand, is a very serious problem and scandal, so why don't they rail against the AA (and other organisations with similar or different approaches) as a waste of funds and time?

The answer, of course, is that they're trolling for idiots who will rant and rave about the hated group, because idiots are loyal readers, especially when you arouse their "righteous" ire.






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