The World Cup

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Soccer can be a cruel game. Many times the score isn't indicative of which team played the best.

For a game that probably lacks in significance you'd think the USA won the most vital contest of the year 1-1. I coached youth soccer long enough to have four of my children play for me. I've experienced my share of ties and know they're bittersweet for both sides, even in under the best circumstances.

World Cup play can be like that. The other game yesterday that left me wondering was Argentina and Nigeria. What does it take to get Argentina interested in playing? That should have been a 5-0 affair. Truth be told, if yesterday was any indication it's doubtful this pool will produce a member of the final four.

What's up with the vuvuzela? I suppose they're a huge improvement over the hooligans.


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The tournament has only just started and already I'm bored of it. Here in England, where the game originated, retailers have been going football crazy for the past month (St. George's flag bunting everywhere, large stacks of lager placed prominently near the entrance, with football pitch stickers on the floor, not to mention mini flags clipped to the windows of several fans' cars...) - and now it's started, it's the turn of the media, some of whom seem deluded into thinking it's almost certain England will lift the trophy. In reality, we'll probably do the usual and go out in the quarter finals - possibly through losing a penalty shoot out.

My attitude's perfectly summed up by this song, written around 1900 and still relevant today:

I have a favourite brother, and his Christian name is Paul.
He's lately joined a football club, since he's mad about football.
He's two black eyes already, and teeth lost from his gob,
Since Paul became a member of that terrible football club!

For he's football crazy, he's football mad,
The football it has taken away the little bit of sense he had
And it would take a dozen servants, to wash his clothes and scrub
Since Paul became a member of that terrible football club.


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There are 10 kinds of people - those who understand binary, those who don't, and those who know this sig's in ternary.


The feild seems so large; wearing the poor boys out. I was watching it for a while but the audio levels are really awful. There seems to be this "bee hive" like noise in the back ground and the voice of the man explaining things is barely 1db above that. :)

The players do have very nice butts though; as if I'll ever get to touch one! LOL



As Angela mentioned ...

... that awful noise is that of the vuvuzelas. I heard on the radio that there was talk of banning them inside the grounds because it drowns out all other sounds - like the referee's whistle perhaps? Apparently the note is the B flat below middle C with lots of odd harmonics - useless information gained from the radio this morning.

I'm glad I'm not interested in any game involving teams or balls and especially those that involve both :) It really is overwhelming here in England and difficult to avoid. Rather like Christmas, which I find just as bad.


There is a joke

doing the rounds (and it's not about goalkeepers - well not especially):

A professor of anatomy in England suggested that Englishmen have one of two sizes of penis, standard and very small. In order to get an idea of how many fall into the latter category, he asked them to display a red and white flag on their car. It is an old joke.



I don't think it's a valid measure.

I wouldn't dream of flying a St George's flag on my car and yet ...


I think it's fixed

After watching the US tie once again after having a goal taken away by a ref with his head where the sun doesn't shine, I think someone is being paid off. The play wasn't even close. I coached and refereed for a number of years and what happened was pathetic. Not only should the goal have counted but the opposing team should have been carded. The World Cup is nothing more than political bullshit, Arecee

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