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Ah....Mr. Peabody??? It's your new assistant Andrea?

As some of you already know, like the Time Traveler in H.G. Wells The Time Machine, I have been transported into the past on a fairly regular basis. Not fantasy, but remembering terrible things about my past that were repressed, thankfully, for the past 50 years. Finally, after nearly a year, some of the memories seem to be recalling good things, like the first time I remember wanting to be a girl. I remember that my mother at times would dress me in my sisters clothes. I recall looking at women's clothes in the Montgomery Ward and Sears Catalogs. And I know that my gender identity was formed well before what happened to me and my sister. All wonderful but still fairly vague memories.

But now, with the assistance my dear friend and sister Terry, I have been able to go back 45 years, making connection with my true self. Andrea may never have had an opportunity to see the light of day when she was 14, but today, with the assistance of my artist sister, I now have the extreme pleasure of introducing you to me, Andrea Lena DiMaggio, circa 1965.

She did a wonderful job...I just love my eyes!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Terry!!!

looking good!

you look good hon. I bet it feels good too.


Time travel? Have you seen my wallet?

Hey, Cute!


A lovely


'memory, 'Drea, like the painting that you used on the frontispiece of Sandy which brought back so
many memories for me. You are looking good,Baby,as John Wayne would say!


Wish I had known you then!

I love the eyes too.

If we'd been girlfriends, I would have borrowed that sweater!

Carla Ann


The older we get, the more important are our memories of the past especially when we were young. Since I was essentially a girl until purberty, I have several pictures of me as a girl and I treasured them. I am so happy for you that you now have such a picture. Congratulations!




Yearbook Picture


Now, all you need would be for her to create, a standard typical 8th grade Junior High School Year Book Photo to complete your album. That type of picture might be more identifiable to people our age. I could compare it pictures in mine and see if you remind me of anybody. :-)

Real Cute.



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