About "Abraxes" and "A Safe Place"

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Well, looking back at my blog entries, I realized I hadn't talked about how a couple of my stories came about. I suspect this kind of stuff doesnt really interest a large number of people, but it's my blog, so blech. So without further ado...

About "Abraxes": Well, this one started because I had been looking up the legend of Achilles. For those of you who don't know, Achilles was one of the heroes of the Trojan War. One of the stories about him says that after his birth, his mother received a prophesy saying he would have a short life. To protect him, she had him raised as a girl. But Odysseus found him, and used the gambit of giving gifts to the girls, and included a set of arms and armor in the gifts. Achilles took them, and the rest was legend. So I wanted to look at the legend in a new light, and made Abraxes as our guide through the story. But she became more and more the focus, and finally the legend all but faded and it became her story instead.

About: "A Safe Place": This one has been sitting in my brain for a long time. When I first started reading TG fiction, one of the first stories I read wad the Professor's "Ovid" series. And I considered doing a fan-fiction piece set in that world. I would focus on what would make a man turned into a woman be willing to sleep with another man, and came up with the concept of the other man being raped as a child. As you can tell, it went under a serious re-write to be the piece I published.

Well, there you go. That wasn't so hard to read through, was it?

Interesting - not hard

I am often fascinated by the events that lead up to a story. I often find with my stories that they start off in one direction and then, often at the last minute, they change into something different. I do think it's useful to try to document it.

Why don't you create an Author Notes file associated with each story. It will then be permanently with the story, rather than lost somewhere in a blog.

thats an excellent idea!

I will do that. thanks!

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