M2F girl featured in two-part story

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Just found this on line at the Tulsa World website:

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Becoming Katie

Katie Hill wasn't born a girl. But she always knew she was meant to be one.

Katie was born at 15. Luke is just a painful memory.

Luke Hill is now just a memory in the minds of those who loved him, a blue-eyed ghost in a portrait. Katie Hill is flesh and bone, long hair and limbs, breasts and eyelashes. A happy 16-year-old who believes it's not her fault she was born into the wrong body. And by burying Luke and becoming Katie, she has righted what nature made wrong.

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Link: http://www.tulsaworld.com/specialprojects/news/becoming_kati...

Add: I just finished watching a wonderful video about this brave young woman! It's at the top of Part 2, the picture of Katie applying her make-up is the video, I hadn't noticed it earlier.

Is she Intersexed?

Well, after my experiences, I would advise her to drop the TG label like a hot potato, and go for Intersexed. Her looks and voice would seem to indicate that. She was talking about not having started hormones or had any surgery yet, so I think something is going on other than XY chromosomes.

It has been a couple years since I dropped the TG label and life has been much easier. I am hoping that clinical tests this winter will bear that out, but if they don't I still plan to insist that I am intersexed. Call it a lie or anything you want.

I'd also suggest that she get the hell out of Oklahoma.

I hope that she lives long enough to have a happy life.

Much peace



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Read the story...

It plainly says that all tests looking for any intersex condition came back negative. None.

She has a soft voice and looks pretty... That does NOT mean she's automatically intersex. There are hundreds of thousands of variants on the physicality of both male and female phenotypes -- don't play into the stereotypes.

As for dropping the label -- in my opinion, too many of us do. The GLB community has made more strides than us... because they're visible. The goal of most transfolk is to be invisible... and so the mistrust and misunderstanding continues to creep through mainstream society.

Why would she get out of Oklahoma? It's obvious she has a supportive family, supportive community, even a supportive boyfriend. If being in such an atmosphere of support is something she should abandon, what would you have her do instead? Become another of the nameless transyouth that falls prey to the sex trade?

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Thanks for sharing this!

...always nice to see something positive, especially when it comes to kids. Thank you!

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Andrea Lena
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and then you still have to decide what to do. ― C.S. Lewis
Love, Andrea Lena

Thanks Karen,


' I have just passed the link on to some friends.A very brave girl.


Katie; WOW!

All I can say is this is one beautiful Girl. This reminds me of some people in my life years ago. I have fwd this to several people I know to read and to let me know what they think! Richard


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