Bike: Blowing Out Four Candles

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Try this:

  1. Go to the Home page of Big Closet Top Shelf.
  2. Look at the set of links at the top.
  3. Click the link entitled 4-YrsAgo. [I've even added the link here, so you can miss out steps 1 and 2.]
  4. Scroll down, and there you'll see the first few installments of Bike.

I warn you though: if you're not already a Bike aficionado, it can be addictive, and what's more if you do get hooked, you've got around 1.9 million words in front of you to read yourself current.

Seriously, though, congratulations to Angharad and her furry friends Bonzi and Izzy for the fantastic effort in producing around 1,300 or 1,400 words every day. One of the highlights for me each day (yeah, maybe I don't have much of a life) is reading Bike, and being constantly amazed and surprised that the authors constantly produce high quality, gripping and fresh reading.

I did a bit of a calculation the other day. 1,412 episodes over four years is 353 moments of joy for me each year, so I'm grateful that Angharad has continued to write so prolifically, and so well. That the series garners the number of kudos and comments that would make many other authors green with envy speaks volumes for the treasure that we have.

I for one am just pleased that Angharad continues to find the energy and enthusiasm to keep me entertained.

Many happy returns, Bike–and many more.

Positive Support


For her we need one!

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Not finding the link

I clicked on home, and I'm not seeing the link you describe; I even cleared my cache, in case that was what was going on. Now, it may be that I'm having a "senior moment", but I'm honestly not seeing it.


John Robert Mead

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The Link

Go to the BCTS homepage.

Look in the area at the top of the screen, immediately above the line that says, "A friendly place to read, write and discuss Transgender Fiction." With my setup, the area with the links is this purplish colour.

There are four lines of centred links, beginning with Stardust (first line), Quillian (second line), 3+Days (third line) and Other Worlds (fourth line).

Track along the third line until you see 4-YrsAgo. Alternatively, I've put the link in this message for you, in the previous sentence to this one.

I hope it helps.

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Bike Resources

Re: Not finding the link

I clicked on home, and I'm not seeing the link you describe; I even cleared my cache, in case that was what was going on. Now, it may be that I'm having a "senior moment", but I'm honestly not seeing it.

You should find it here:



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Ah ha!

You didn't say I needed to be logged out to see the link; you get an entirely different screen when logged in, and the vast majority of those links aren't there. And I stay logged in, that way I can tell if there are new comments and such. Now I know.

Whoops, having checked a bit more, I discovered that the reason stuff looks different, with different content, was because my theme was garland, rather than the site default; this is strange as I'd never selected a theme previously. I'm now using the site default, and yes, the link shows up.


John Robert Mead

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I'm over half way! 783

Thanks PS (Posolutely Supsational),

Thanks to you and Holly and Ben and anyone else involved in the archivationalism of Anghie's wordsmithingationing.

with love,


with love,


Once in a while I bare my soul, more often my soles bear me.

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While the going's good...

Dear Hope

...can I suggest that seeing as the archive is back up, it might be an idea to copy a few extra 50-chapter blocks to your hard drive?

When you have one of the archive pages open, click somewhere on the text, then type Ctrl+A (select all), Ctrl+C (copy). Now, go to your favorite word processor and in a new document type Ctrl+V (paste), and save it just in case there's a problem when the late Bob Arnold's servers are moved.

Planning Shrewdly

Bike Resources

Bike: Blowing Out Four Candles

Many thanks to Angharad for Bike and you PS for your support.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

I nearly missed this

So it's four years old is it - you'd think I'd have noticed wouldn't you? Been busy making time to see my daughter, so wasn't counting.

My grateful thanks to PS, Ben, Holly, Erin and anyone else who's been involved in the archive. I still find it astonishing that a very vocal group of supporters are still enjoying it after all this time. However, my thanks to all who have enjoyed reading it, and especially so to all who have given me kudos, left comments or written to me.

Thanks to you all, and I suppose as long as Bonz & Whizzy(when she gets excited she has to go in her litter tray!)keep giving me dictation, I'll keep writing it down for you.



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If you'd like a reminder of some of the events from the past, the diligent efforts of PS and I have produced summaries of the first 1,280 episodes. The file also contains a memorable quote from each summarised episode, as well as a comprehensive cast list (currently divided into family / household, major, minor / one off, university / medical, and police / legal / peers. Yes, there have been enough characters to warrant multiple cast lists!

Unfortunately, I've been a bit busy since then, so haven't been able to keep up to date since episode 1,281 - so any contributions to the missing summaries (even if only one or two!) will be very welcome. Examining the existing set should give you a taste of the format (generally about a paragraph's worth). If you're sufficiently bonkers enough to do a bunch, I'll add you to the credits on the summaries title page :)


Oh, and congratulations Angharad, Bonzi and Izzy for keeping us entertained almost every night for the past four years :)


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4 years !

Bleedin' 'eck. Deserving of a big bunch of flowers, a card signed by everyone in the asylum that can. Cake with sparkly thingies.... and just to be safe keep the jacket on standby. That's a smile...not a fixed grin...hang on....


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