Plans for the Future.

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Plans for the Future:

Danielle Krieger

Just a little bit of a "head's up" on my plans.



Okay, boys and girls, many of you who have been reading Marked Target know that the story is about to come to a head. It's going to get down, dirty, and our heroine is going to go through some things. That's a given. For the record: I have no plans of stopping work on Marked Target to implement any of the following ideas. First, Lex's tale gets finished. Then...

Idea #1:
You may see Dr. Hank McCoy get ret-conned. Though, do you realize how hard it is to find a PG-rated "Rule 63" pic of our boy Hank? Gods, it's difficult. >.<

Idea #2:
Yep, I've already spoken with Lilith and cleared it. You will see Jennifer Walters as She Hulk in the CRU. In the beginning, expect plenty of "wardrobe malfunctions".

You're welcome.

Idea #3:
I also spoke with Lilith and cleared this character. Technically, she's "Nocturne" who is Nightcrawler's daughter in the comic canon. However, for our CRU purposes, this will be Kurt Wagner as Nightcrawler. I'm still debating names for after the change, but this will be the first German metahuman in the CRU, to my knowledge. Herzlichen Glá¼ckwunsch an Deutschland! xD

Before you ask: No, this one won't be in German. Some parts will, but not all of it. And, yes, I will translate for English speakers. ;)

*triumphant sigh* So... that's the long and short of it. So... Questions? Comments?

I like #2 and #3 as ideas

being a she hulk fan and from what little I know of the retcon universe she'll fit in great being a serious professional; FF, Avengers, Shield Agent, Lawyer and a whole bunch of other stuff. I'd have trouble writing for her myself but you've got skills so...
#3 would be great because Nightcrawlers been really reinvented if you look at the comics and cartoons so this'd be cake.
One thing though, it'd be kind of neat if she hung with Lex at one point just cause wolvie used to hang around "The Elf" a lot.
I guess that's about it.

Bailey Summers

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Brainstorm coming...

#2: Yep, I figured She Hulk would be right at home. Though, remember, none of the canon counts up to this point. Yes, Johnathon Walters will be an attorney at a law firm (dunno name, yet), something will happen, and he'll "she-hulk out". It'll be fun. xD

#3: Like I said, CRU works by different rules. Kurt will be in Germany. Lex is in San Francisco.

Also, it should be noted that Lex is not the ret-con of Wolverine. There may be some fans out there that think she is, but she isn't. She is "X-23" or "Talon" from the "New Mutants" (first appearance in the X-Men Evolution TV series). Logan is in Lilith's story Ceiling Kitty Is Watching You..., for future reference.

However, there could be a little confusion going on. Based on the "BAMF" that Nightcrawler is known for, all he has to do is see a place, envision it, and *BAMF* he can teleport there. Could our girl Nightcrawler pop in and make a cameo in San Francisco? *shrug* It's a possibility... *evil grin*

Nope, I knew she wasn't

Wolvie but I just thought it'd be a funny situation kind of thing. I thought she first appeared in her own marvel comic mini series then showed up in NYX and Runaways But there's a real good chance of me being wrong not being able to get good stable comic suppliers locally OR afford the bloody prices now. I like Johnathan Walters bit. There's a lot you can do with that. Oh I think there's a girl on the marvel wiki site that looks like a retconed out Doc Savage. I can't remember her name though.

Bailey Summers

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Yea, I just had to get out that bit about Wolverine. I think that's one of the misconceptions that is contributing to the high readership of Marked Target: people forget Lex isn't the ret-con of Wolverine. Canonically, her first appearance is the X-Men: Evolution TV series... then NYX, then her own serial. I wasn't aware she appeared in the Runaways. That's cool, though.

Oh, there's a mountain of possibilities with the She Hulk ret-con. It's just narrowing them down and setting out a clear idea. Of course, won't be doing it until Lex's story is done.

There probably is a "femme Savage" out there, somewhere. Marvel is NOTORIOUS for having female counterparts to their male heroes. Reading through the comics, it's a little annoying that Marvel can't be more creative. For us CRU authors, it's just what the doctor ordered! xD

No...The reason the reads

are high is because you're a talented writer. The retcon thing has a strong audience but it takes a lot more than that to hold them. There's been a few rets not as successful as your stuff.

You deserve the credit.


Bailey Summers

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Aww... *blush*

Thanks. I was just thinking that the misconception that Lex was the ret-con of Wolverine was contributing to some of the readership... certainly not all. ;)

*Huggz back*


I like them all

All of your ideas sound cool to me. Jenn has always been one of my favorites. While I thought her original origin was more than lame, her character has surpassed that time and time again. It'd be nice to see one that does her justice. The crazed blue elf is always fun too! Again it's the character that shines out.

Now Hank is special. Since you're looking for a rule 63 pic that's a big giveaway on your plans. I almost want to say Hank should be treated like Lilith did Logan, but you obviously have a connection with his character. I'm very interested in what you could do with him.


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Yes, I agree that the canon origin of Jenn was pretty lame. I mean, gunshot wound and there's no blood available so Bruce does something stupid? C'mon! Honestly, I think it was kind of a rush job. Due to the success of The Hulk TV series, the network was tossing ideas of doing a female version. So, Marvel beat them to it. (true story, btw)

Oh, the nimble "blue elf" is going to be a fun one! xD

Like I said, I'm considering the Hank ret-con. I'm not sure what I'll do with that, but EOF has given me blessings to ret-con the character. I may take advantage of that, I may not. I'm still debating the issue. *shrug*

I do LOVE my Hank. *snuggles Beast plushie*


Plans for the Future.

Have fun with the stories.

May Your Light Forever Shine
May Your Light Forever Shine

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