a sign of growth?

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Well, last night I had an incident that shows how much I've changed in the last while. See, I was on my way to work, and I stopped in at sub place to grab lunch, and the kid behind the counter said "What can I get you sir?" Now, I was in my wig, my wal-mart clothes, and was carrying a purse, so "sir" just wasn't the pronoun I would have preferred him to use. But while not that long ago an incident like that would have sent me spiraling downwards, I immediately thought "poor kid, needs better glasses, cant tell sirs from ma'ams." I think its a good sign, dont you guys?

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That's always a good thing

That's always a good thing :--)

I've only been insulted a couple of times in the beginning of my transition, but I wasn't able to handle it well, being to emotional and ending up crying.

I'm pretty sure if someone would clock me now, I would still end up crying my eyes out when I get home safely... I wish I was a strong as you dorothy :--)

grtz & hugs,

Sarah xxx

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We tend to internalise our despair.

Frankly I don't pass (except in the dark) but my en-femme excursions are as much a 'political statement' as they are part of my femininity.

I go out dressed so that any kids who might have gender issues can see that we transgendered people are free to go dressed as we see fit.

This was me at the sea-side last Sun 24th Oct in Barry, South Wales, UK.

Cold and windy day in Barry.<



Growing Old Disgracefully

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Growing old gracefully? (I doubt it.)

Just my opinon

but I think you look just fine.



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