Going to be away Tuesday and Wednesday

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Well, I'm going to be away Tuesday and Wednesday, as my work has asked me to go to a store in the far north of Alberta for two shifts. I'll stay in the town overnight between them at hotel on Walmart's dime, and my meals and gas will be paid for as well. I could use the extra work, but I'll be without a computer for the two days, so more than likely you guys wont hear from me until I get back. Super hugs to all.

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Awww, We'll miss you Dorothy

But work wins this round... i know how much being yourself can cost.
Be well and Safe Angel Dorothy,
Angel Diana

Good Luck Angel.

Maybe this will give you an opening into a better position within the organization.
*Big Hugs*
Boz...Uhm I mean Bailey.

Bailey Summers

Have fun in Grande Prairie.

Have fun in Grande Prairie.

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Have fun,

and don't behave! :)

- - -

Vampire Catgirl. I love huggles, and drinking blood out of a saucer on the floor! ^_^

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