watched a pretty dumb movie last night

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Well, last night was a good example on why you shouldnt get a movie based on the blurb. I saw this movie at my work called "Amanda" which said it was about a "player" guy who meets the perfect girl - but dumps her when she tells him she was born a man. I'm not sure what I was hoping for, but it was a pretty pedestrian romantic comedy. He's pretty bad about the trans thing, calling her new vagina "a wound", making me wounder what she would see in him, but he learns he cant live without her, makes a big romantic gesture, and wins her back by declaring that "love has no gender". Then the big reveal - she was testing him because she is really rich, and wanted a man who loved her, not her money.

Overall, I can't really recommend it, but its not horrible - call it 1 and a half stars out of 5.

Might I suggest a movie for you?

While it is not about T issues, I found it to be an astonishing example of how a skillful writer can build characters, and that talent is useful here. The Movie is called "Persuasion" by Jane Austen. Amanda Root plays Anne, and I found her a most fascinating character. She evoked such strong feelings in me that I really had to take pause; realising that she had many character traits that I have, so since a writer wrote about us, then we must not be unusual or despicable. Realising all this, I can see where much more effort devoted to my writing in the future would be a good thing.

Much peace


PS. The Sea Captain she catches and lands in the boat, is the most adorable um hunk, and I found it quite pleasurable entertaining a day dream about him. :)


Movie recomendation

Since you are sharing a movie "recomendation" with us, I want to share a movie recomendation that was shared here some time ago. The movie "Just like a Woman" tells the story of an investment investigator who gets divorced by his wife for crossdressing. His new landlady (and an ex-colleague) encourages him to use his female persona to get back at his swindeling ex-boss and save the investment for a foreign investor and a small national business. The TV/CD subject is treated with a lot respect, though it also shows the real life prejudices involved.


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You can actually view this in parts on Youtube...

...Julie Walters of Educating Rita and Calendar Girls and Adrian Pasdar of Heroes do a superb job with a very sensitive subject.

Another movie I'd recommend is Breakfast on Pluto with Cilian Murphy as Kitten. I watched this and it was the first time I didn't feel the shame and guilt that normally plagues me when I view tv shows or read books about our 'world.' I did cry at the end; more for my release from that stupid bondage of guilt, but the story was sweet; much more so that the book. Murphy does such a sweet job and made me love 'her' like a daughter.

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"Amanda" is stupid! Stupid! STUPID!

Well Dorothy, you were so right about this turkey of a film AMANDA.
And if anything you were far more generous in your assessment of the non-tg "TG" film than me.
The level of the humor is purile and the characters unlikeable. Although I skimmed most of it I would bet thousands of dollars that it doesn't suddenly get better in the middle. I'm not going to bother critiquing it, but this anonymous customer review from AMAZON expresses most of my points of disappointment:

Amanda has bad dialog, poor scene writing & a plot that fails to satisfy. A dumb opening scene in which Joe is surprised for his 40th birthday by having his friends and family turn on the lights just as he turns on a porno and is about to start masturbating. This is supposed to draw humor from the awkwardness, but Joe talks about it shortly after with his parents, which is the last thing ANY person would do!

This leads to a pretentious and insulting introduction of the main characters. A schmaltzy dating montage follows a lame first date, in which she decides to leave after 10 seconds. He pathetically begs and pleads for her to give him a chance, to have the rest of the restaurant patrons applaud, and as he turns around to thank them, she leaves, but nobody bothers to tell him she is walking out.

The characters are wooden and lack subtlety, especially Joe's parents, who act like two people who only just met, rather than who have been married for 40 years, and talk to their son like he's their neighbor. The dating montage includes scenes of him watching her from afar, and following her in a cab when she's jogging. A supposedly romantic gesture on her part is to give him a picture of her in lingerie for him to masturbate to, which we then see. On the honeymoon, Amanda says she is a post-SRS MTF & Joe bolts. His confidant tells him she moved away & he falls apart over the rest of the movie.

Do yourself a favor, watch something else. With all the masturbation and stalking in this film, I have to wonder if the writer wasn't just some creep who rubs off and follows women around. This film manages to offend the trans community, the straight community, and is just generally poorly written...

The reviewer's use of the terms like "mtf" and "trans community" makes me wonder if he or she is a member of the trans community. The only thing I can add to this review is ...... STUPID! STUPID! STUPID!
~hugs, Veronica

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