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Well, my daughter came over this afternoon, and I spent several hours just watching TV and movies and cuddling with her and my mom and my dog. I needed that, and once again I am reminded just how blessed I am to have my daughter, and how much my transition would hurt her. Ah, well.

Why would it hurt her?

Why would it hurt her?

Daughters are resilent

when my divorce took place my ex and her lawyer did all they could to keep my daughter and I apart. but our bond was strong, and I see yours is also.
Believe it or not there will come a time shortly where you can openly tell her about your desire to be female. The message you will sending to her is that its okay to be female.
Be honest with her and you will have a confident that truly understands.
My daughter is 23 and lives with me, she is accepting of who I am and has been with me when I do public speaking to different police functions. She has openly answered questions about how she accepts me for who I am.
I held off my transition until she graduated from high school, to keep her from being harrassed and ridiculed.
As much as her mother did to destroy me, my daughter stood by me.
Your daughter is already strong telling her about your transition is not going to hurt her. I let my daughter know when she was eleven. she wanted to know why her mom and I divorced. Her mom told her it was her fault. I took that opportunity and let her know she wasn't at fault and the reason we divorced. We had a mother daughter weekend together.
Children are resilient and your daughter is among them.

Jill Micayla
Be kinder than necessary,Because everyone you meet
Is fighting some kind of battle.

Jill Micayla
Be kinder than necessary,Because everyone you meet
Is fighting some kind of battle.

Wow, Jill

That's great. Sounds like your daughter has at least one great parent, to make up for the other one. You obviously did something right to have the trust and loyalty of such an intelligent, supportive girl. Boos to your ex for doing everything she could to split you up, and hisses for telling the girl she was the cause of the divorce.

Children are more resilient, and can accept things easier that adults can't because when our brains stop growing, the beliefs and attitudes we have at that point get set in... well, not in stone, but they can be a lot harder to change. But if you're honest with kids, and explain things for them, they usually take it a lot better than adults. Especially if they love you.

Not that I know personally. No kids. No (ex-)wife, even. Although I do have some awesome nieces and nephews. Although as far as I know, they don't know about my femme side. :P


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