feeling sick

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Well, today I'm feeling super sick. I have a headache, feel like I'm running a fever, and I have thrown up once already this morning. Not only that, my daughter is home sick with her mom, having missed the last couple of days of school, so whatever it is must be going around. I hoped I could do some writing today, but ah, well.


Maybe it's your monthly NAH you haven't been on hormones long enough so just a case of the FLU. Get better soon -- HUGS RICHIE

Super Sick

Aww, hope you feel better soon, Dorothy.

Oh, and don't give it to me. :P I've been sick twice already in the last month or two. (although one of those was a stomach bug that was going around)

Angel Lisa


Hope that both you and your daugther get better soon.

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Sending waves of get well energy

And Hugs... Hugs are super important... Rest and soup are good too...
try Baileys hot lemonade tea recipe... i think it's in Jem chapter 10
Get well Angel Dorothy...
Angel Hugs,
Member of Baileys Angels

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