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Well, I just got confirmation - a little story I wrote will be displayed at the local TG Day of Remembrance event. It will be posted here on Sunday, so all of you can read it too.

Congratulations Dorothy. I

Congratulations Dorothy. I have no doubt that it is a well deserved honor.

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That's terrific news! be honored and valued through creative expression is such a great gift; I know that your work will bless the memory of those who have died, and of course those of our sisters and brothers who have gone before us and have survived to tell us their tale! And of course I'm confident that it will bless those among us here who live this now in real life as well as those of us who for now may only live this life here in the printed word. Thanks for the heads up! I know you'll tell us how it is received. Good for you, Sis!

Dio vi benedica tutti
Con grande amore e di affetto
Andrea Lena
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That's wonderful news! Good

That's wonderful news! Good for you Dorothy!

- vessica b

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