a day in "male drag"

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Well, I would like to share my day in "male drag". It started when I got home from work at 7 am, and got into the only male dress outfit I have - pants. dress shirt, and suit jacket, and waited until it was time to pick up my ex and my daughter. Once we got there, we found out we had a couple of hours to wait until the ceremony, but my ex had to get into the line, so I started to wish I had grabbed a nap before we left, as I found being on my feet for that long rather tough.

Anyway, They started the ceremony, and they said they had a special guest - the teacher who had helped my ex pass her test. Once all the names were called, and everyone got their certificate, and they repeated the oath, she was called on to speak, and she praised my ex for her overcoming her illiteracy and other handicaps in order to pass the test. I know I dont always say the best about her because of her opposition to my transition, but she deserved the praise, and I'm glad my daughter could hear it.

After the ceremony, we were leaving the area, when a small girl, just having learned how to walk, came up to me. I said, "Hi", and she promptly hugged me, making my day.

So we left, and took my ex out to eat, and that's when I really started to notice what being in "male drag" does to me. While my ex and my mom interacted with our server at the restaurant without any problems, I found myself having to hold myself in and keep out of it.

Finally, we came home, and I slept for about 14 hours with only a couple of bathroom breaks, which I really needed, and now I'm back to being myself, which makes me much happier.

Male 'drag'

I want to congratulate you for doing this. Too often I read about the 'me' taking precedence over everything else. While I understand the 'this is the way I am accept it or else' concept I think common courtesy and love for family is important also. It's not backsliding or giving in, sometimes it's simply not spoiling the day for someone you love (in this case your daughter). Until you are in a real life test where you present all the time sometimes you have to be willing to compromise. There are times for confrontation and obviously this was not one of them much the same as attending a family wedding or funeral.


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How are

you getting on with the estrogen? I bet you made a perhaps-more-passable-than-you'd-have-liked, but nonetheless AWESOME reverse trap. ^_^

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Glad you survived the ordeal, hon. The sleep deprivation on top of it didn't help (which I know very well). I hope your ex is as mature about discussing you around your daughter as you are in wanting her to be proud of her mom. Too often the exes will bash each other to the kids, dragging them into the nastiness. My elder brother has his flaws, but I'm glad he stayed civil and even friendly around his ex and mother of his two sons (who I fondly call my sister-out-law because they never actually married). But I've seen the OTHER too...

Interesting observation about interacting with the server. Was it because you were "in drag" and felt stifled and depressed about it, or because you changed your mindset back to "guy-think" and behavior expected of men? Or maybe a bit of both?

Wow. 14 hours of sleep. I've only done that once or twice, after a particularly nasty bout of insomnia ended.


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