Finally heard from the councilor.

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Well, I finally heard back from the councilor my brother sent my info to, and I tried my best to craft a response to him. In all honesty, I'm not hopeful that anything can come out of it, but you never know.

I guess I havent provided enough info here

short version - my brother gave my contact information and a copy of my story "I am nine years old" to a christian councilor who works with sexually abused kids. He sent me an email telling me his story - sexually abused at 5 by a male babysitter, and how after having a boyfriend who dumped him, God convinced him that being gay was a sin, and he has since married a woman. So you see my reasons for thinking this may not help me much.

Dorothycolleen, member of Bailey's Angels


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your brother may be well meaning,

however, it also sounds like he feels that who you are is wrong Dorothy... you are Dorothy and being anyone but Dorothy is a lie. if the councilor tells you that you are wrong in gods eyes... then he is deluded... You are not a mistake Dorothy, god doesn't make mistakes. i don't agree with all this 'pray the gay away' nonsense anyway. be true to yourself and your god Hunny... you are beautiful and a girl and spreading your wings...don't let anyone clip them.
Live you Sister Angel,
Diana Angel

Moongoddess, Member of Bailey's Angels

This Sounds Like The Same Bunch

PICT0013_1_0.jpg from "Focus On The Family" that my sister-in-law called and told about me. They gave her the name of someone who was "formerly" Transgendered to counsel me. I took one look at the information and threw it in the trashcan. I have very rarely met anyone who was really transgendered,who changed their minds about it if properly evaluated by a QUALIFIED Gender therapist. They may have had to suppress it for religious or family reasons, but it is still there inside them at the core of their being. It is like a lot of us who start out dressing at an early age and then we feel guilty and purge, but it comes back, weeks, months or years later. I still wonder if the "formerly" Trans counselor is still "formerly" six years after I was referred to him?


pray the gay/trans away

Closest experience I ever had to that was a step-uncle who was in a strict renegade Catholic sect (say masses in Latin, reject all Vatican II reforms, etc), and told me I was going to hell if I kept playing role playing games.

Good thing he never found out my favorite character (Lady Lisa Loremistress) was transgendered, originally born an awkward and rebellious noble boy who wore his sisters' gowns in secret and dreamed of being a Sage-Commander...

He might have sent me to hell TWICE! :O

Well, if he actually had any power to do so...

I still believe in God, but a very different God than these people.


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