survived the brother's birthday party

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Well, I survived my brother's birthday party. I love my brother, but I have been finding it increasingly hard to be around him with his and my sister-in-laws rejection of my transition. The use of my male name, the total silence if I bring up anything to do with my transition, it just wears on me. I was going to get him a gender-neutral card, but decided he could just deal with the fact I'm his sister for once, and got a nice card from a sister to her brother for him instead. He did thank me for it, but I got the distinct impression he was ignoring that part of the card. Ah, well.

That's so unfortunate...

I'm glad that it seems most of my family is starting to come around to the idea. Though I haven't even tried contacting one of my sisters yet, and haven't heard from another since giving her my bishops contact information.

My mom put up the most fight locally, but even she seems to be coming around. She was apparently reading an article in Deseret News (Mormon publication) where some guy really got on his high horse against LGBT issues, and even wrote to him to defend us! Was rather surprising to me when I saw that.

Well, I wish you the best with your brother, and hope dearly that he eventually comes around in your favor, but if not... Well, I've already said for myself that if anyone in my immediate family or closest contacts can't accept me they'll just have to live without me and I without them. No matter how much it hurts me.

Perhaps if you completely cut contact with him for a while he'll eventually come around... then again, perhaps not. I know there's far more horror stories than happy endings on that count...


Abigail Drew.

Abigail Drew.

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