Funny moment at the bank

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I had a funny moment at the bank today. I went in to get cash for my mom, as I am now paying rent here, and the clerk took my card, looked at the male name, looked back at me, and went "But... but.. your hair, your ....." So to save her, I told her I was transitioning, and the card was in my legal name. She got the money for me, and I thanked her for making my day. Funny, yes?

I've often wondered about that...

I work at a grocery store to put myself through school. If someone pays with a credit card, and they don't have a chip, we have to check the name on the card, the signature, etc. I've had a couple times where the name on the card didn't match the presented gender and asked for ID. Usually they tell me it's their "mother's card" or it's their girl/boyfriend's card. But in that case we can't take it.

There's is a point to this rambling, I promise. I've often wondered how many transitioning people get caught up in these security measures. I'm really glad you were able to take it well. I can imagine a few people would be (needlessly) embarrassed by it.

My debit card

Has my initials rather than my name... but on the back I have written 'ask for ID' to prevent someone forging my signature if I lose it. As a result at times I am asked for my ID but my DL has a beautiful picture next to my birth name so I just show it to them and wait. A couple of glances but never a question and always a ma'am from the guy at the DL bureau to the waitress at the restaurant. It's all about self-assurance.


I had a similar experience

When I was pulled over for a traffic ticket. The police officer looked at my ID and back at me several times. He never mentioned anything until a fellow cop pulled up next to him and told the first officer to "Stop being a jerk and let her go with a warning." I tried my very best to keep a straight face, but I know I smiled pretty big.

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very amusing and i can totally relate sweety

My best friend works at the bank and she set up a little identification/comment on my td profile when u go to the counter and u login, that explains my current situation pronouns etc shes a doll :) I use td bank its great and they are soooooo nicesome get wierded out but rome wasnt built in a day right huggles hunny im soooo glad that there wasnt a big negative scene cause it can get perspirey which isnt good for us ladies skin giggles :)

With Love and Light, and Smiles so Bright!

Erin Amelia Fletcher


With Love and Light, and Smiles so Bright!

Erin Amelia Fletcher

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