Christmas at my brothers

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Well, Christmas at my brothers went pretty well. My daughter had a lot of fun decorating their tree, and then we made marshmallow snowmen while sipping hot chocolate. So what if I didnt get to wear a pretty Christmas dress?

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You can have it all,

by having an additional separate Christmas day with only those who know the real you. :)
I'm doing just that, but probably not in a dress. More likely in tomboy clothes. =)

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BCTS's resident Extravagant Honorable Trans-Cat-MegaTomboy! ;D ...But I do like cuddles from soft but strong arms... ^_^

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Gee Dorothy!

Is Christmas in Canada sort of like Thanksgiving? It comes a few weeks earlier?

It sounds like Christmas at your brothers (brother's ? how many brothers?) already happened.

Just teasing.... I'm glad you could handle it. I wish I was nearer my brother and sister. She's in Atlanta GA and he's in Virginia, South of Washington DC. I'm near Phoenix, AZ; can't afford airfare and we don't have a car reliable enough to drive that distance.

OTOH, I'm used to it. We basically don't go anywhere because of our 4 dogs and Kim's horse. Kim goes to care for her horse twice a day.

Hugs and Bright Blessings,

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Hugs and Bright Blessings,

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