Watched a triple bill of Jim Henson movies

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I bought a 3 dvd set of Jim Henson movies: The dark crystal, Labyrinth, and Mirrormask. They are incredible, and its interesting that two of the films have teen girls as the lead characters. Its also kinda interesting how much I could identify with these two girls, and how much I learned from them. Just one of those things, I guess.

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Labyrinth? do you mean to

Labyrinth? do you mean to children movie? with a real labyrinth and weir dcreatures and stuff? I loved that movie when I was little ^^


I'm not familiar with Mirrormask. What's it about?



is about a young girl who is part of a circus. Her mother gets ill, and she gets pulled into a drawing into a world where the balance between the light and the dark is out of whack, a princess that looks just like her is missing, and is full of very odd creatures. Its well worth getting, if you can.

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