a bit of breast development?

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Yesterday, when I was getting dressed, I noticed I'm getting a little definition in my breasts - they seem slightly more "perky" and I have cleavage. It looks a little different from the "moobs" (Man-boobs) I have had up to now. It might just be my imagination, since I have had no "growing pains" there, but I'll take it.

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Keep us

abreast of your development, yes? = )

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it great to read congrates

it great to read congrates

wishful thinking

Hi. I'm afraid one of the first signs of breast growth is centered around the nipples. No improved definition before that. Wearing a bra can improve the fat distribution of moobs though. Specially if its a underwire pushup style bra.

I'm done growing... but when I take my underwire off at night... I can see the improved definition... doesn't stick though sadly.


a note up the chimney...

... you must have asked for tits... and got them early. What a kind man Santa is! G xx

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