Genderswitching to reinvent classic novels.

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A bit of nonsense from the Guardian which I think is art imitating art, it was done here long since. See the link below to read it yourself including a passage of Shirley Holmes and Dr Jane Watson.


PS. I seem to have over 50,000 of those kudo things, will I need a bigger house if I get any more?


Just a bigger hat! :-)

Karen J.

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Karen J.

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Ever accidentally throw something away and then later realize you actually needed it?

I did that with my life.

Genderswitch ON !

I feel an absolute duty to write about gender changes as if they were the most natural thing in the world.

Not the way the article you cited means it, though. They're just talking about recasting, which is cute and clever but not revolutionary in the least.

And "Shirley Holmes" - oh pull-ease! Why not Lakshmi Holmes?

Kudo's are compressible!

They'll fit just about any where you can put an e-book.

Uhm, are you sure it isn't 500,000? If it isn't, it should be!


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Maybe they should all be different, like snowflakes or people, but, at present, all Kudos are identical. In this case, a quantity of Kudos can be represented by a Number of Kudos. Thus, if Angie has 50,628 Kudos, she has no need to make a place or holder for each, nor a place for 100 nor 1000 nor 10,000.

The next conclusion should be evident: the Number of Kudos can be approximated by rounding the Number evenly (1 to 4 => 0, 6 to 9 => 10, 5 => 0 if the digit to the left of the 5 is odd, 5 => 10 if the digit to the left is even.) or rounding it up or down. Thus, 50,628 is approximately 5063*10 or 5.063*10^4 or even 5.1*10^4. The power of this scientific notation of Numbers can be seen as Kudos grow exponentially, eg. 6.17*10^9 takes less storage than 6,174,593,230 (if one stores the commas!). 8)

Happy Xmas, New Year, etc, etc, etc.

Hugs and Bright Blessings,

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Hugs and Bright Blessings,

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Just finished work, so I read this and felt my eyes glaze. I left my concentration at work...I shall start work tomorrow on a Kudostore. If I fold them through five dimensions, that should work.

Or maybe just pour another glass of Soave? Yeah. That makes more sense just now.

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Kudos are dimensionally transcendent

... so they will fit probably most anywhere :P


50,000 of those kudo things


Do you think you could open an account with them at High Street Bank?

Best wishes to you and everyone.


Perhaps Kudos could become a

Perhaps Kudos could become a form of currency?

Maybe you could trade them in for cat treats, even more motivation for Bonzi to keep working on Bike.


{I leave a trail of Kudos as I browse the site. Be careful where you step!}


{I leave a trail of Kudos as I browse the site. Be careful where you step!}

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Please Spare A Kudo

For a starving author, Guvnor. You can afford it.

Woe is me. All my kudoes have been nicked and here I am...kudo-less (and probably naked to boot),


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