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Few questions. One I do not have permission to post on forums O.o

second I am getting "you have reached maximum buttons and must spend them."

Any ideas people?


You can always give buttons away to the less fortunate. As for forums... I have no clue I never forumized.

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Buttons are experimental

Questions about them are sort of pointless until we actually have something you can do with them.

As for posting on forums, yes, you have permissions to do so, you have the same permissions to do so that everyone else who is a registered member has. You must have an old page from when you had not logged in or had not yet registered in a cache either in your own computer or in the ISP's cache. If you are on AOL this can happen even if there is no conceivable reason for it.


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Some older members may recall...

That AOL once had a very unflattering and unladylike nickname... AO-beep-ell. It still applies very well even with its change to an ISP.

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I have never used Aol, it is not a cache issue either. For some reason my permission to post in forums is missing as all it says is "you do not have permission to post in this forum"

I will wait for Piper to investigate it.

It's not just you...

It's not just you, I also see "You are not allowed to post new content in the forum." This is when I'm logged in. I've cleared the cache and also shift-clicked Reload, no difference. And I'm definitely not an AOL user. I've tried both Firefox and Safari, same results in each.

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