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Hi everyone,

First of all, a big thank you to those who are enjoying my story "Scarlet". I've had a bit of time off from writing of late. I'm someone who can only write when I'm feeling it, and didn't want to just type something out for the sake of it, though I'm back on the case now with Chapter 9.

In the meantime you can now feast your eyes on a new illustrated version of Chapter 1, produced in collaboration with digital artists cblack. You can check out our efforts at (warning: contains some NSFW imagery).

thanks for reading!


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Sorry yes, I should have

Sorry yes, I should have added that you need an account on the site. If you're interested it's a quick and easy sign up. If you're not, then there's still the non-illustrated version on this site.

Jessica, will you

post this here for us?

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