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Divinebandit has a nice nice website with Anime providing TG captions similar to Fictionmania's caption pics. However, these are more like mini stories. Click on the link below to be taken to Divinebandit's Anime TG Caps! ^^

PS: When you scroll to the bottom of the page, pause a second and let the page push the scrollbar tab back up some, this thing goes on and on and on with captions and mini stories.

Sample Cap Strips:





& now also





Sample Cap Strips:


Enjoy! ^^


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...I actually got started in a way, writing-wise, by visiting some of the tg caption groups on Yahoo; the more sweet and sentimental got me thinking about the 'back' stories. I guess it was the 'water' that primed my creative flow? These are terrific. I'd love to try my hand at captioning some time. Thank you! I enjoyed these very much.

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