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Ok, I find myself needing help here.

I figure that given the ubiquity of cell phones and the like, there are going to be pics (and even video) of Morgan all over the place from other students after the events in part 6.

Trouble is, I don't *do* Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. So I have no idea how to write up the sort of thing that will likely happen.

So feel free to suggest likely events. I won't take all (or, most likely, even most) but if nothing else they'll hopefully get me into the right ballpark.

I expect there will be pro, anti and neutral posts. (And knowing teenagers, a few near porn posts using any of the topless shots that anybody manages to post).

I am assuming that there will not be any shots from the locker room. But the hallways are fair game, ditto for the cafeteria. I'm also certain that Chris wasn't the only one taking photos & video during the incident in English.

Here's a link to the comment with the "sneak peek"

First of all you should

First of all you should decide if Morgan has Facebook and Twitter accounts. Most teens would, but but Morgan may not have one doe to circumstances. A Facebook account also shows the profile's gender and uses that to determine the pronouns used by the system.

If Morgan does have an account, some people may attempt to tag him/her in the photos that they upload. Tagging links the photo to the person you tagged. For example I may upload a photo of me and my best friend. If I tag my best friend in he pic, people can see her name when they hover over her face in the photo and also the photo appears in her profile.

Facebook posts can have a "Likes" count, much like the kudos here. And they can be shared. By clicking share, the photo can be seen by your Facebook friends.

In Morgan's case, I expect the photo to have tags, likes, shares, and comments. You're correct in the sense that it could have positive, neutral, and negative comments, but that also depends on the permission settings. Some posts can be made public such that non-friends can comment. Otherwise only Facebook friends are allowed to do so.

Not sure how to say this

But in parts of the US it appears that child pornography charges could be brought against anyone who send the picture on to someone else.

Oh, I'm quite aware of that.

Oh, I'm quite aware of that. Hopefully it can be avoided.

Technically it requires 3 or more images or some undetermined amount of video under federal law.

Though *technically* being topless doesn't count, I'd not put it past some prosecutors to try it anyway. And state laws are often wackier than the federal ones.

Having been a BBS sysop back when that law was passed I'm *very* familiar with it. I and my co-sysop had no desire to wind up in prison.

Hmmm. Come to think of it, the clause about "lascivious exhibition" of the "genitals or genital area" might be doable even with Morgan's shorts on.

But as I said, I'm hoping to avoid things going *that* far.

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They are

Kansas city MO I believe.

As I recall there are

As I recall there are *several* states where teenage girls have been charged with manufacturing and distributing child pornography for sexting pics of *themselves* to their friends.

Totally stupid and inappropriate usage of the laws. That's *not* what they were intended for. But if it gives a DA a chance to look "tough on crime" or wave the "for the children" banner then equity (fairness & justice in the application of the law) goes out the window.

Brooke brooke at shadowgard dot com
Girls will be boys, and boys will be girls
It's a mixed up, muddled up, shook up world
"Lola", the Kinks

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