Elementary episode transgender woman/character CBS wnbs

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one of the primary characters in tonight's episode at 10 est. is supposed to be transgender

But where?

I have no idea of what you're talking about. What's the name of the program? Is it on a cable station or network? Arecee

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"Elementary" is the name of

"Elementary" is the name of the show. It's on CBS (in the USA). For those not familiar with it -- it brings the Sherlock Holmes character into modern times. Holmes, among other things, has lots of fun with the internet. Lucy Liu is Dr. Joan Watson, who was originally hired to be a companion to help Holmes recover from his drug addiction, and has become his sidekick in crime solving. A highly entertaining show, and very well written for a network series.

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I believe Jaden is referring to the Show Elementary which is about sherlock homes and stars lucy lu as watson.

Elementary tv show

Elementary is a TV show on the Warner Brothers Network? that apparently has a primary TG character.


Is on CBS at 10/9 eastern/central.

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The tg character is just in this episode. 10 eastern

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the episode later tonight

I wasn't aware of any regular TG characters on Elementary. I am not sure tho, since I have only seen a few eps - we don't get ithe show here in Manila, not even on my cable. I think she's only referring to the upcoming episode later, where Candis Cayne is supposed to be one of the episode's guest stars, and she will be playing a TG character. (i checked the CBS website)


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Guest star

I should have clarified that

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Can it be watched on line?


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The show is available

The show is available here:


Not sure if the link will work if you're not in the US.


Available in the UK, on Sky Living on Tuesday nights.
Not sure though how far behind CBS we are. Still on the first Season here.

Quite entertaining to watch.


Missed the episode! At least there are reruns.

May Your Light Forever Shine

The show implied we'll see her again.

When it was revealed that she was named "Miss Hudson" I was sure this was more than a one-time character. Mrs. Hudson was Holmes' long-time landlady at 221 Baker Street in the original stories.

At the end of the program, Holmes tells Watson that Miss Hudson will be coming in and cleaning on Tuesdays. Since there wasn't really much character development, other than a mention that Miss Hudson has an Adam's Apple, I have to assume more of her story and situation will come out gradually over several more episodes.


Character development

There actually was in Holmes initial description of how he knows Miss Hudson. I believe that she has "mad" research skills especially on Greek mythology.

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