Missing Girls Found

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I just saw the News. Thank God another one caught at last in Cleveland.
A 52 year old man charged !!!! For all the hurt he has caused and the effect his actions had on the children, girls and families I hope he gets everything he deserves.
How can we not see? How can we miss the signs? How can we be expected to forgive?
It is a sad sad story and another example of human cruelty.
God bless the survivors and their families.

I totally agree with you!

Children are precious, to hurt them is a crime deserving a most harsh penalty. Hurting an adult equally so. When convicted, he will get punished.

May Your Light Forever Shine

There is no penalty

harsh enough to punish those who kidnapped these children.
I wrote this blog because I was incensed and I for one would not pass by or turn a blind eye.
Nothing,nothing can turn back the clock to recover the situation and bring back the lives that were being led before the poor girls fell into his clutches.
There is a lot to be said for the saying 'an eye for an eye'and if I was a parent involved I could not forgive.
Shame on those who just passed by, who looked away or closed one eye.


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...they used to have a saying in the 'Old West;' 'Hangin's too good for 'em!' I find I'm always at odds with myself; my faith tells me to forgive, and I have for the most part tried to deal with my own past and my abusers. Having said that, as someone noted in a blog a while back, many faiths specifically instruct believers that they in no way should compel someone else to forgive; that is between them and their creator. For their abusers, it has been said that it would be better to have never been born than to harm a child.

Too often, people have either been ignorant of the signs, or sadly, in some cases, ignored them. And while some folks have tried to be well-intentioned, there simply appears to be no 'cure' for pedophila; certainly among adults. As helpful as counseling might be in many disorders, and as helpful spiritual guidance might seem, they do virtually nothing to mitigate this evil.

Add to that, unfortunately, in many countries, the courts take child abuse too lightly, either believing in the system to rehabilitate the offender, or often because they just don't acknowledge the far-reaching effect on the child. Witness the decades long abuse by Jerry Sandusky or the institutional abuse by priests or scout masters, much of which had been enabled by people trying to protect an organization at the expense of the child.

For those of you folks who have been affected by this horror, or have a loved one or friend who has, I recommend this website, of which I have blogged previously:


Crying is all right in its own way while it lasts. But you have to stop sooner or later,
and then you still have to decide what to do. ― C.S. Lewis
Love, Andrea Lena
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You're right, Andrea...

We know that Pedophilia can't be cured or changed. Therefore, it should be a death penalty on the first offense! I'm sure that idea will infuriate all the self righteous libertarians amongst us who will disagree, but I stick by it. It should be the law of the land! Whether it happens in Ohio, California, Alabama, Florida or Maine; the same penalty should apply! And it should apply to everyone complicit in the crime. Especially to those who help to cover it up!

Murder, rape, pedophilia and abuse are unforgivable crimes.


We are each exactly as God made us. God does not make mistakes!

Gender rights are the new civil rights!

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Fate worse than death

Of course, we all know that 'sex crimes' like pedophilia are enhanced, if not entirely caused, by the sexual drive of the perp.

The obvious answer, therefore, is to castrate them! Once done, by the time they get out of the slammer they won't want to do that ever again.

Chop 'em off, that's what I say!


It's only when you moisturize that you discover all the hairs you missed.

Castration is never an answer for criminality...

In the first place, in these days when one can't avoid seeing "Low-T" and "Blue-Pill" ads everywhere one looks, it's a trivial matter to achieve an erection, and of course castration makes it much more difficult to identify perpetrators, since they leave much less genetic material behind.

Second, it's undoubtedly barred by the constitutional restriction upon "cruel and unusual" punishments in the USA, at least, and most places in the world less benighted than a few that come instantly to mind. In most of those, the female victim would be executed first, whilst the perpetrator might well get off without punishment, since he can allege her lack of chastity without fear of contradiction.

Moreover, one can easily see by wandering over to the FM site that castration is in itself a sexual fetish (or 'paraphilia,' to use the modern and less judgemental term), and there would probably be many in the world who would scheme about arranging things "just right," flirting with the arousing possibility of being caught and having their fantasy fulfilled by victimising women (and possibly children) on their merry road to being "punished."

In general, criminals who prey upon people, rather than mere sources of money, lack both empathy and imagination, and most have an uncertain relationship to the mathematics of probability. People who break into vending machines and saw the tops off of parking meters are a different class of criminal than those who terrorise women for their purses or break down front doors and point guns at people to extort money and jewellery.

Indeed, after looking at the number of volunteers for execution, and waivers of the right to appeal a death sentence, one might hazard the guess that at least some "murders" are an elaborated scheme of "suicide by cop." It's entirely possible that the death penalty for these individuals is an inducement, and not a "penalty" at all.

One must always be aware of the "Law of Unintended Consequences." People are complicated. Some of them are not very nice at all.

Many modern "rampage killers" appear to have a similar suicidal motivation, but far more spectacular and deadly. Oddly enough, our modern concept of "rampage killing" goes back to the days when we Westerners encountered it on the Maylasian peninsula, where we encountered the culturally-defined practice of "running amok." This was actually still available as a diagnosis in DSM-IV, although I don't know if it made the transition to DSM-V.




A tender heart is an asset to an editor: it helps us be ruthless in a tactful way.
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A Self-Righteous Libertarian Replies

Nice tactic, insulting anyone who might dare to hold an opposing point of view. I'll refrain from responding in kind.

Most developed countries have abolished the death penalty. There's a very sound practical reason why none of them will bring it back, namely that if they did juries would be much more reluctant to convict. And since there are only two verdicts available to them, that means a greater likelihood that a guilty defendant will walk from the court and be free to commit other crimes.

I've served on a jury. It's a massive responsibility, even when the worst that can happen to the defendant is a couple of hundred hours of community service. I couldn't send anyone to their death, I don't care how overwhelming the evidence appeared to be.

Any justice system worthy of the name should exist solely to protect the public. For the most serious crimes imprisonment serves that purpose. The death penalty does not.

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these things happen, and it seems the justification is - they do them because they can. I'm just glad they appear to be safe now, though as you say, things will never be the same for them again. Very sad.


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A total police failure...

The city of Cleveland deserves better. Cleveland needs a whole new police force. The Cleveland police were too willing from the start to consider the girls runaways to lower their case load! Kidnapped girl: lots of hard work and papers to fill out... Runaway girl: Yawn, oh well, maybe they'll show up sometime... At the very least the Chief and Police Commissioner should be fired!

Maybe it's time to fire the entire police force of a major city and put it under marshal law. The guys I know in the Army and Marines wouldn't automatically assume that a missing girl was a runaway. What a sorry example of a lazy, uncaring, police dept.

List all missing persons as runaways: It keeps the crime rate statistics down...


We are each exactly as God made us. God does not make mistakes!

Gender rights are the new civil rights!

I live in N.E. Ohio, and

I live in N.E. Ohio, and while I haven't followed the case for the last ten years, what I do know is that when there has been promising leads the police have followed up on them, the most recent being last summer, when an inmate claimed that the body of one of the woman was buried in a lot.

Sometimes there just is not enough evidence to lead to police to the culprits of a crime, and cases go cold. Even the FBI have a time limit hours before assuming a kidnapped individual is most probably dead, based on previous cases.

Here is a link to a local news station's article from last night alive speaking about these events.


And this article is more recent containing information released this morning.


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We are each exactly as God made us. God does not make mistakes!

Gender rights are the new civil rights!

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