Need a name for a fictitious band

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The writing bug hit again, and this time, it demands a band - so my problem is that I need a good name for a fictitious band. Nothing real, but cool-sounding name. I hereby open the floor to suggestions. Winner gets - (drum roll please) - credit in the story. Sorry, but my bank account won't go for cash prizes.


What kind of music do they play?

Karen J.

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Bearded CLAmS... Sorry it

Bearded CLAmS... Sorry it was a name of a band that played at WVU years ago...LOL

Fizz Pop Explosion...


How about something physical: Entropy

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What's in a name?

Discarded Meconium


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Call it "Fictitious" or maybe

Call it "Fictitious"

or maybe "Phantasy in Fiction"

Big hugs

Lizzie :)


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The Godmother :p

I had a thought along these lines

Really Bad Fiction.
But I don't think that really zings. I'm going to see what comes from the blog.

Depends on the music they

play. If they are like the Beach Boys or other such bands, try Kahuna [as in Big Kahuna] or if from some region, name band after some geographical feature such as a mountain or perhaps a city, maybe even a constellation, fictional race, or concept like I.D.I.C. or the Batleth.

May Your Light Forever Shine
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Well Blue Oyster Cut

did Soft White Underbelly. But I Like SeeMe ValLee

Goddess Bless you

Love Desiree

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Don't know the genre of the band so I tried to think of something that did not lean to close to any one genre.

"Twilight's Inferno"

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What kind of band?

Punk? Filthy Urban Raccoons
Hard Rock? Obsidian Knights
Soft Rock? Middle Child
Heavy Metal? Thorium Lifter
Country? West Tulsa
Hip-Hop? See the Man...
R&B? Jump Rope
Folk? The Wailers


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not so fast

I think I've heard of 'Middle Child', 'See the Man',and clearly remember 'The Wailers' (Bob Marley's band).

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Keep it Simple

The Nameless.

Melanie E.

No matter what you pick...

Google it to make the attempt (at least) to ensure that it isn't being used by someone else. They tend to be trademarked, and some are represented by vicious lawyers. Try calling one's fictitious band The Beatles, for example, and imagine what might happen, for example, for example.




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How about

Mushy Concoction (aka Pulp Fiction) :)

Your Friendly Neighborhood Moderator

Igor and the Hula Muffins

is my fictitious "worst band name ever". A quirky comedic rock group with accordion.
Once I saw an ad for a (punk?) band called Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Some chutzpah that.
Most problematic band name but somebody will do it eventually would be The.

~~hugs veronica

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Already taken, by a band called "the The". I kid you not.


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Al Packer's Alpacas

"healing nicely"

for heart-break music


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Kangaroo Emu

Its got rhythm


How about

"The Euphonious Harmonics", sounds like it sounds good.

How about

Forty Nights ?

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How about...

the Knight Watch?

Samirah M. Johnstone

Instant popularity

How about "Free Beer". They would definitely pack the place every night just by putting their name on the marquee in front of any bar.

Stepwise Pagoda...

Just kidding. But Ellen Hayes's fictional band of that name supposedly got its name by opening a dictionary randomly. That may not be as bad an idea as it seems.

Colors are good: I was going to suggest the Village Green, but Wikipedia says that one exists, though the band had to put it in themselves. Marsh Violet? Adirondack Blue? Blood Orange? Indigo Montoya? (Probably not.)

How about the Flaming Sunbirds? Seems to have a nice positive vibe. (Nothing to do with the Phoeniz, BTW. Wikipedia and Google Search say that it's a species of birds native to the Philippines. Can't find anything there as to what it sounds like...)


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How about Faux?

Has anyone used that before? It goes with fictitious and rhymes with "foe", which could give it a slightly adversarial quality if the band is made up of those not in the mainstream, should we say. You could use the word in a phrase, such as Faux Fantasy, or some such. Just don't name them Faux Fighters, as it sounds too derivative of the Foo.


If the lead singer had leg

If the lead singer had leg surgery you could call the band "Faux Knee" (phoney).

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Random Band Name Generator

Random Band Name Generator #1
My favorite, on my run: Skanky Landslide And The Hail
Random Band Name Generator #2
Best Indie name: Cabbage Hat

Ellen, 22nd level Necromancer of Threads

band name

how a bout . girlwannabees or radically chick , the morningafters lol

Band name#?

How about the "Makin' Whoppees". I know there once was a hockey team with that nickname based on Macon, GA.

Cuckoo Casino

Cuckoo Casino
Snapshot Pioneers
Hokey Curators
Twisto Tech
HiBall Nova Scotia
Bouncy Glimmer
Homespin Rerun
End On Tick Tock
Lobby Bears
Harpers Romo
Cotton To The Bell
Sleeping Spray

All High Llamas tracks. Mix and match.

fa 144a.jpg Nicki

The Supercolliders

...for a noisy monster guitar band.

Band Name

Three Chords

from Woody Guthrie's famous saying "if you play more than two chords, you're showing off"

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A couple of ideas

Lucifer's Mimes
Sun Dogs
Tinkers Damn
Smooth bore 120
Vulgar Folly
Living With Attitudes
No Quarter
Hear and Now.
Lucifer's Fingers


With those with open eyes the world reads like a book



Styx and Swords
Men of War
Tailgaters of Reign
Pushing Posies
Black Doors of Light
Cardinal Rules
Styx of War
War of Words

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