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I've been trying to get onto Sapphire's today but it seems to be down. Is this the case, or am I getting blocked by something? I've been using the link at the top of the home page.

Carla Ann

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Nope ......

.... not working for me either, either by the link or from my bookmarks


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Tera-Byte (Sapphire's hosting company) seems to have at least one major infrastructure server down, so it could be network/datacenter issues on their end.

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If it ends up down for a

If it ends up down for a while, drop me a PM, and I'll zip up whatever you're looking for. I have a copy of it locally.

Sapphires Place

It's back, 7:27pm West coast time, just checked and had no problems getting on.


It must have crapped out again. Been gone all week, but my internet has been so spotty, I haven't been on but once or twice

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