High heels for children

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A blog on the Guardian based upon an article in the NY Times. I hope this is one trend that doesn't cross the pond, it's plain stupid and the parents should be prosecuted, it's tantamount to abuse.


a baby doesnt need high heels

but a lot of little girls borrow their mom's heels (including me), so I can kinda see the value of giving them a pair of their own ...


I Agree

I agree it is stupid but sadly stupid stuff is whats popular here in the states now a days. Not to mention it's celebrities doing stuff like that to there kids. Bout tired of all these brain dead celebrities. They name there kids stupid names then dress them up like dolls an such. Makes me sick. Anyways enough ranting from me. P.S loved the latest bike sode ang keep up the great work <3.

on the other hand

Some of the current styles for clothing in the UK make me want to hurl they are so butt ugly.

The heels that high for little girls is stupid. Lower heels I'm ok with though if its for pageants or something.

We never...

We never gave our kids high heels for actual life... They had some low heel "toy" shoes for "dress-up"... But neither one really liked them (or wore their moms much. As they grew older... The younger one has several (she's almost 17)... Some days she wears them, more often not.

But, yeah... Regular wear of heels isn't good for adults, much less kids.


that is just sick, what do

that is just sick, what do adults call 3+inch heels?

Beyonce should keep her kid away from the sicko that sent her child shoes like that.

sexualizing children is sick, and high heels say "SEX" to adults, so the companies making them should be investigated and shut down.

not to mention humans have an extremely large number of bones in the foot, to distort a childs foot in the development years is simply ridiculous, have they forgotten the chinese foot binding, that was banned due to a whole generation of crippled girls.

the parents who buys shoes like that need to be reported for child abuse, becuase that is what it is.

Women in High Heels is idotic.

Children in High heels is fuckin idotic. I am guilty as hell of wearing them and feel really stupid when my feet ache.


Growing young gracefully.


With what we now know (and it's been a good long time) about the pernicious effects of high heels on the deep structure of the feet, the impact on the knees and spine, and increased vulnerability to falls, stuffing children's still-developing feet into the damned things is tantamount to child abuse. Horsewhipping seems to have gone out of style, but a few weeks in penal misery might be wonderfully helpful in concentrating their attention.




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Come now people!!!

We have to be absurd and commit to this absurdity. Let's sexualize girls asap and neuter the boys!!!

Yes Honey Boo Boo!!! Make love to the camera as if it were the judges face!!! I mean seriously, ugh. This sexualization nonsense seems to be getting out of hand.

Beverly Taff's picture

As a regular wearer of 6 & 7" heels.

I'd be too terrified to comment here. 67 and still wearing idiotic heels (but it's just sooooooo much fun!!!!!!)

Oh shit, that's torn it! Now I've gone and done it. Exposed myself as a crazy, reckless bitch!!!

LORRA. LORRA Laughs though.

The disgraceful bitch!

Clubbing yeeah.  Bev and Matti April  5th 2013.jpg

These were 7" wedgies. But I soo love em'. Yeah I know I'm a stupid bitch but what the hell, you only die once.

Oh and I'm not a child, (kids have more sense!!!) LOLOL

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Growing old gracefully? (I doubt it.)

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