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Mindful is up on Amazon and Kindle.
Anybody interested only has to look for it under titles 'Mindful' or Authors, Beverly Taff.

I now own it.

Thank you Bev. I bought it and am waiting with bated breath for a chance to read it. :)



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Links to Kindle and Amazon

The following links will give BC 4 to 7% of the purchase price as well as giving Beverly her share. :)

Kindle: Mindful

Paperback: Mindful: A Tormented Childhood, or a Descent Into Sanity


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Thanks Erin.

Thanks Erin I didn't realise BC was entitled to a cut. Well done! Part 2 is going to be my own post not some vanity publisher. I've got a lot of re-writing to do. It'll be quite some time before it's posted.


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Growing old gracefully? (I doubt it.)

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