Typhoon Hayan!

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Typhoon Hayan

Please keep the people of the Philippines and South East Asia in your thoughts and prayers, and especially remember Bobbie C and Moe for their safety. The storm is raging across the Philippines and will wreak a lot of damage before it finishes. Thanks!


The storm in the last one Sat Photos I seen it was south of Manila so the girls should be OK and its headed for Vietnam and Southeast China


You can see what's going on in Pcifics...

And some other areas following this link:

When JTWC...

Back in the late '60s, the "Joint Typhoon Warning Center" was part of/co located with the Naval Weather Center on Guam... My dad was stationed there. Great place for kids. :-)

I do recall one Tropical Storm - the eye went right over the island. 40 miles west, it's strength increased to typhoon strength - and it continued to strengthen as it went on to do major damage to the northern big island in the Philippians.

Best wishes to all who have to live through the results of severe weather!


My wife is from Tacloban

Tacloban(Two of my stories were partially set there. ) was just about ground zero for the eye of this storm. We haven't heard anything from my wife's family for about 28 hours. All communications are down. So my wife is naturally very worried right now. According to this news report over 100 people are dead in Tacloban. My wife barely slept last night. I won't tell her this news till morning. It isn't confirmed anyhow.

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Huh? Typhoon?

Zzzzz... Huh? What, what? I'm awake! Storm? Typhoon? What typhoon?

Lol No, sorry, just joking. It's in bad taste, I know. I don't want to make light of the disaster that the Philippines has just gone through. It IS terrible. What can you expect, when the most powerful hurricane in the world to make landfall hits? The middle part of the country is destroyed. My heart goes out to the people of the Visayan islands.

One of the places in the Visayas was rocked by a major earthquake some weeks back (which did a LOT of damage). They have yet to recover from that, and then this had to happen.

Adding insult to injury, I read in Weather Central that there's gona be more rain this week (not regular rain, but monsoon-type rain), which will surely hamper the country's recovery work and make further trouble for the people. Hope it doesn't happen.

Anyway - where we are we barely felt it (hence my joke), although the government did everything it could to prepare if ever the hurricane would hit the capital. This scared everyone into over-preparing. Thank goodness it didn't affect us here. But now what are Moe and I gonna do with all the canned goods and water we stocked up on... Guess we'll donate it to the relief effort or something, or have a biiig picnic...

Thank you to Aunt Andrea, Richard ,Jonelle, and everyone for your good wishes.

With the head office's approval, I've initiated our own relief effort in the office, and will have our company's donations forwarded directly to the Red Cross or to whatever appropriate government agencies are in charge, starting Monday. If you guys can, please donate to the Philippine Red Cross via the web, or of you can't, maybe you can donate to your local Red Cross and ask if your donation can be forwarded to the Philippine relief campaign. Also, check out the following link:


Anyway, am real tired - was at work most of yesterday and this morning, securing alternate communication circuits... Time for some more sleep. Peace, everyone. Seeya Zzzz...


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Thank you Bobbie...

for letting us all know that you and Moe are safe! I was worried sick about you two, hearing all the reports of devastation from the typhoon! Stay safe, and Big Hugs to both of you!

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