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Hey all. Yes it's me. It has been awhile since I posted a blog and while I will catch everyone up on my goings on I want to talk about someone else now.

Today is the four five year anniversary of one our most beloved authors. Please take a bow Mrs. Drea DiMaggio. One of the best authors on the site. Your writing conveys feelings and thoughts we all have experienced. So many others besides myself have counted on your nurturing counsel. You have been a sister, aunt, mother and grandmother to us all.

Join me in wishing Drea a happy day today. May she keep writing her wonderful stories.

happy anniversary, Drea !

and here's to many more!



I second the emotion! Happy Anniversary Andrea! Loving Hugs Talia


Here is to many more Years and stories from Drea! HUGS!


Happy anniversary, Drea! May you have a zillion or so more.


- Terry

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Happy Anniversary Drea.

Happy Anniversary Drea.

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celebration time

Well, then that calls for celebration... which inevitably means cake... You did get cake, right? :P

“I cannot imagine life without books any more than I can imagine life without breathing.”

~ Terry Brooks

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Happy Day, Anyway

I hope your birthday yesterday was a fun one. (I didn't log in on the 15th, so this is a day late.)

Thanks for your stories. Thanks for being you, and there for the rest of us. You just might be the best reason for believing there are actual grownups here, and a good one too. :-)


P.S. I save your stories to read on the days when my health is better than usual, because I want my wits about me to read and appreciate what you write. Sooner or later I will also have enough mental hamster-wheel power to also post some kind of coherent comment too.

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Happy Anniversary Drea

Happy Anniversary and many more of them, you are an absolute STAR, always kind and helpful

Enjoy your 5th anniversary Drea


Andrea is a sweet and amazing woman.

It's been joyful just getting to know her over my short time here.

Bailey Summers

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Happy anniversay Drea!

Hugs from England


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