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Marvel has just announced they will be distributing a female Thor title in their main universe.

Thor-Girl anyone?

I don't think they are presenting as a TG Thor unfortunately, but amusing nonetheless. Hope it works out for them.

It may work commercially.

But I cannot swallow their proposal easily. While the Norse gods were gender benders, Thor is a name not a title. To have Thor become a woman, for whatever reason, is more in line with the mythologies Much more palatable for a number of reasons.

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On the other hand, there was

On the other hand, there was the punishment from Odin where he was trapped inside Mjolnir and the person had access to his power.

Perhaps we're going back to something to that effect?

And I agree, turning Thor into a woman is more inline with mythology, just the kind of thing Odin would do.

Heck, Loki will do it if you whinny at him.

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That sounds familiar... hmmm

From what I've read on the subject, there will be a female character that takes possession of Thor's hammer because Thor has been banished by Odin... yet again. There is already a Thor Girl (totally unrelated to Thor, much like this idea) that has come and gone, not to mention Thor has been TG-Zapped by Loki in the canon storyline. r

I really don't see why something along those lines can't happen again. By that I mean Thor being TG-Zapped or something to that effect. I don't think I'd like to see it as punishment, because that would send the message that being TG is a punishment, but more along the lines that I laid out in my own story; where it directly relates to the infraction and that Thor is accepting and views it as a just punishment.

If they just made Thor a girl and continued the comic then I'd have no words about it one way or the other, but Marvel made a big issue of it with the official announcement, blah blah blah, so it's simply pandering to the women that complain there aren't enough women's titles in the lineup.

It's true, there aren't, but women's titles don't sell as well, and other reasons... and I'm digressing.


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