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As a self confessed comments and kudos slut, I've reported the unusual figures my kudos totals show. Just now it was 164,164 so I've accumulated a few of them probably about one per hour I've spent writing and posting stories here and one or two other places. It's poor reward but all we get as authors here, so please give generously to all of us story tellers and wordsmiths.

My thanks to those who have contributed to my total score, though I might point out relatively recent back issues of Bike and some of my earlier works often only have a few kudos because the system came in only a couple of years ago, so feel free to add to their totals.


kudos etc.

For what it's worth, every time you include a reference to one of your older works, I find I have to go read it, and "almost" always try to include a kudo. It's not just a habit, but a recognition that you have a wonderful talent for putting words in print.

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Kudos - Still Catching up!

I have slowed down reading just recently - life and needing to earn a crust to survive interrupted but I'm slowly catching up with you and am in the 1600's so I recon you've another 1600 to add to your total - the story is truly absorbing for writing the sheer amount you deserve a medal!

Take Care


Well HAH

My total is already up to 93 and looking for more, Arecee

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