Well just had my Nasal Surgery Today.

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I just had my Nasal Surgery Today to fix my deviated Septum and about 4 other issues in my nose and I feel like crap.

Doctor told me I should feel like I have a bad head cold and also bleed for about a week. I look forward to the after recovery period when I can breath easier again but I so I hat the actual pain of Recovery and being on strong Opiate Pain medication. Plus no pay check for a week so my finances will be pinched hopefully my Aflac Hospital Care insurance will cover help me some.

I had my nose fixed a few

I had my nose fixed a few years back (deviated septum & other stuff as well).

i'm glad i had the nose done after GRS because the pain is a LOT worse, and i might have chickened out on the GRS.

in the long run being able to breathe properly again is worth it, short term you curse yourself due tot the pain.

Tell them you want lots of pain killers a short time before they remove the packing (they gave me a shot of pethedine then yanked it out, mega ouch as it hadn't had time to work).

hang in there *hugs*

they do not do that at my doctor.

My Doctor chose to use dissolve-able packing material that will break down over time so she does not have to remove the packing material, the splints are another story I dread next week when she plans to take them out.


I feel your pain.

Not exactly, but I did have a kidney stone blasted today and I'm feeling pretty sore.

-- Sleethr

Did that 2 months ago no fun as well.

They had to go in and remove a kidney stone from me a 2 months ago, I though I would never quit drinking sodas the doctors told me if I did not expect more stones so I quit cold turkey.

haven't had one since and lost 8 pounds in that time too.

Doctors told me a kidney stone is the closest thing a man like me will come to understand a woman in childbirth all I have to say is never want to experience it again, when I went to the Emergency Room the Day the stone got stuck it took a double shot of morphine and another pain med as well just to stop the spasms I was experiencing then the day I had the Stone removed I was sore as heck and passing a fragment that was over 4mm long was no fun as well.

Just so you know, it's not

Just so you know, it's not 'soda' that can cause kidney stones. There are some people that -only- drink sodas that develop them. There are also a lot of people who never drink soda that develop them.

The main thing is that most people that are heavy soda drinkers just don't drink much fluid at all. So they're constantly dehydrated.

I'll be honest. I drink a lot of soda (mostly diet coke type drinks). But then, I drink a _lot_ of fluid every day. It's a slow day when I only drink 80 ounces of something. In the two hours after I got up, I drank at least 24 ounces of water, maybe more like 36 ounces.

I haven't had any kidney problems - ever.

(Yes, caffeine is a diuretic, but apparently the body builds up a tolerence for it after about a week. Go off the caffeine for a couple of weeks, and you're back to square one. And you deal with the caffeine withdrawl. Mostly I drink caffeine free)

just kidding.

Hope you went with the button option.


Best wishes.

I hope you recover completely, and get to feeling better.


The worst part about that is the packing they put in the nose and not being able the breath. Good luck and a speedy recovery
HUGS Richie2

thanks for all the support

Thanks for your support

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