Went Fringe-ing today

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Well, today, I went Fringe-ing.

For those who don't know, The Fringe is a local festival of the arts, with plays, buskers, and food trucks.

I went in a blue skirt and matching top, and wondered around, looking at the sights, applauding the buskers, and in true Fringe style, I picked a play based on the short blurb in the program to watch.

Throughout all of this, I passed without notice - unremarkable, undistinguished, essentially ... invisible.

I am not sure how someone like me has managed to achieve what is only a dream for many trans people, but there I was, "passing", without really even trying.

The downside of my day was that I had gone alone, and I think Fringe-ing, like a great many other things, is often better when done with a friend ...

Ah, well.

it's called the fringe festival here

same thing..

And why wouldn't you pass? Your a WOMAN!

But ... but ...

I was sure I would be unable to pass as a woman !

Unlike you, who could never pass as a guy ...



Dems fightin words!

Pulls up his loose pants and waddles over to Dottie with a cowboy walk

*deep voice*

You sayin I'm not manly?

Dottie falls on the floor laughing

that's supposed to be a manly walk? That's supposed to be a manly voice?

(giggles so hard she pees herself a little)

Now see what you did !


that's not my fault!

And you don't have to be so mean!

Runs to her room and closes the door firmly before collapsing into tears on her bed.

Dottie sneaks into Jaci's room

Ninja huggles!


go way

G way Dottie!

I hate you! You won't let me be my male self!

you don't HAVE a male self

which is not my fault!


well duh

Of course I do im a girl!

wait I meant to say im a girl!

Wait that's not what I meant to say. I meant to say im not a boy!


Can't you keep your girl germs to yourself?

they're your girl germs

I got my own supply, don't need yours


Well too bad.

Cause they are all your's now I wanna return to being a girl.

I mean...

Oh forget it!

You get the idea.

well, I wanna return to being a girl too!

wait, that came out wrong ...


blink blink

You already are a girl?

Sounds Like...

It sounds as if someone's just visited Bikini Beach.

Patricia_Marie_Allen's picture

In my experience

The ability to pass is 90% attitude. Though I've testosterone poisoned, big hands,big feet and narrow hips, once I put on a skirt, minimal make up, remember to smile, women accept me as one of their own.

Just last week, I was at our local Bi-Mart and they had summer clothing on a rack, outside by the entrance that was on sale, so I stopped to look. Another lady came by, and started perusing the merchandise across from me. She struck up a conversation about the caliper of clothing offered at Bi-Mart and whether it was a good buy or not.

That day I was wearing a pair of white trousers I'd bought at that store and I explained that they were my favorite pants. She picked out a top to buy and we entered the store at the same time, continuing our conversation. She allowed that at the original price marked it wasn't a good buy but at the lowered price on the tag. ($ 6.99) she thought it was a good buy. I pointed out that the sign on the rack had said it was 40% off and that she'd get it more in the neighborhood of $4.00. She was delighted with that prospect.

Through the entire exchange, she was smiling and acting as if we were old friends. I love this kind of exchange with other people.

Cant you two please, just

Cant you two please, just this once, not squabble about which is the girliest & girl germs? I have decided to put my foot down and state without a doubt you are both two of the girliest girls I have ever seen. So there you have the unburnished truth. I have spoken

But papa...

She started it!

I did not!

quit getting me in trouble with Papa!


you shouldn't fib

Fibbing is bad and Papa will spank you.

I suspect...

That Papa is going to have to not use his bare hand to spank you two but get either a willow switch or one of those wooden spoons with a hole in the middle... I would suggest you both run for your rooms if he says three, two...

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