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Sorry, too late home tonight, and then I watched the David Hare play, 'Turks & Caicos'.

Any one heard from PS?

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It's been a long time since I remember seeing his name on site or a comment on anyone's story. Is he okay?

A cartoon for you.


Too tired to write tonight

Sorry, got home late from work then had over an hour on the phone with my needy friend just as I started writing. Too tired now, hope things will be better tomorrow but it looks like a heavy week.

Bike - the future

It's coming to that time again when I ask what you, the reader, thinks about Bike, should it continue are you happy with the storyline and so forth.

Sorry, No Bike

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Been on the phone to my needy friend, so no time to write tonight.

Jared Leto 'road tests tg character'

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The actor plays a transsexual afflicted with AIDS in the Dallas Buyer's Club and who uses 'total immersion' in his characters as his method of acting.

What's happened to my kudos?

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When I went to my account page my kudos hoard appears to have disappeared. Is this from the recent work on the hard drive or do we have a kudos thief on the site?

No Bike tonight

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Sorry, life has prevented me doing Bike tonight, had a long phone call from my needy friend which sort of used up my evening, which on top of a 12 hour day has sort of left no energy for scribbles.

Bunged up with a head cold

Sorry my brain has turned to mush (or more mush than usual) and my eyes hurt, so apologies for not posting anything tonight. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow.


8068 words

Not bad for two days. Don't expect it next week, I'm back in work and have to do my accounts for the taxman.

The same story in two different papers.

The Daily Wail does the usual dirty trick of using irrelevant material in a the tragic story of an astonishing accident, where a large Red Deer stag charged a group of people in a driveway and unfortu

Sorry, can't do Bike tonight.

I have a visitor staying and sometimes real life and real people have to take precedence over my imaginary ones.

A Christmas present for you.

I hope those who like my bagatelles will enjoy it, the title is a pun look at the title of this blog if you don't get it.

We seem to have lost pictures

Is it just my computer but I seem to have lost all pictures on stories and blogs. Only the adverts seem unaffected.

Funny Girls - a Blackpool drag revue.

A film behind the scenes of the revue at Blackpool from the Guardian website.

Nice round number.

I'm beginning to get the impression that I could be doing something right either that or my eyes are playing up, because according to my kudos counter, I have 140,000 of the little darlin's.

Male and female brains wired differently

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Yet another bl**dy birthday!

As I fly towards my dotage at the speed of light, I seem to have gathered another anniversary of my emergence on this planet.

Probably no Bike tonight

Sorry folks, I'm going to watch, Saving Mr Banks, this evening and will probably be back too late to do Bike.



I went to see Philomena, starring Judy Dench and Steve Coogan, based upon the book written by Martin Sixsmith about an Irishwoman's search for her son who was taken from her when he was a toddler and

First Transsexual supermodel?

Could Carmen Carrera become the first post op transsexual supermodel, and will she be modelling for Victoria's Secret?

Bike 2200

As we speed towards episode 2200 of Bike, do I detect people are getting bored with it?

Intersex woman interviewed on BBC

Following the German legislation about intersex babies having the option of no sex recorded on the birth certificate, this intersex woman who is also a therapist calls for more legislation in Europe.

Happy Birthday!

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To my dear friend, Annie Galliver, and all round good egg who completes her sixth decade today.

No Bike - technical hitches

We have had a series of power cuts here, which after working a twelve hour day did little for my temper. It also caused the computer to go down three times.

No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, the day has caught up with me and I just don't have time to write an episode tonight, hopefully normal service will resume tomorrow.

Reader Participation Result.

Results of which of my serials you'd like me to write a new episode is - Totally Insane.

I will therefore endeavour to produce one of these in the next couple or so weeks.

Gulf States consider transgender ban

It would appear that the Gulf States Cooperative Council are considering a Kuwaiti proposal to carry out sex tests on immigrants wishing to work there with the intention of preventing entry by transge

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