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I've run out of time, too tired to write tonight. Hopefully will have more time tomorrow.

Two stories in today's Daily Wail

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The first comes with pix of some very attractive trans women.

Trouble at net!

I worked a 12 hour day went to check my emails and found one from the TdF organisers about my training in a couple of weeks time.

No Bike tonight

Sorry folks, been up in Lunnun all day as part of my training for the Tour de France (I'm not riding it, just helping to make it happen).

No Bike tonight

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Problems with computer - I hate the stupid things and at the moment they are wasting far too much of my time.

Transgender Latinas from Queens, NY.

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This turned up on the Guardian website and I found it very sad. There are some links to reports and also some photos of the 'girls' working as prostitutes.

Writing an intersex character

Alyssa Brugman has written a book about an intersex character who goes from boy to girl. See the article at the Guardian.

No Bike tonight

Sorry, keep falling asleep, had my needy friend on the phone for an hour, so I'm off to bed.

Hopefully better luck tomorrow.


Article about a book on transgender and gender queer poetry.

One for the more esoteric verse on gender subjects but which doubtless some will enjoy.


Bike blog

Back in January 2011, I couldn't believe I'd written episode 1234 of Bike. I wondered if I'd get to 2345. Now I know the answer. Why? is probably best not asked.


Sorry folks, worked twelve hours and fell asleep in the chair. Can't think why I'm so tired.

India recognises third gender

Some bits from the Guardian about a transgender person seeking election in the Indian elections, and references to the change in the law in India recognising transgender and hijra(eunuchs) people.


Apologies - I have a visitor and was too busy talking to think about writing. They'll be here all weekend but I'll try and do one tomorrow.

Not writing tonight.

Sorry folks, Bonz is out and Whizz is refusing to dictate the story to me, so I'm not going to do a bike tonight.


Sorry folks, it's got too late for me to write tonight - fell asleep in the chair after doing a long bike ride today (long for me that is) with several climbs.

A sympathetic story from the Daily Mirror

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I had to go to my garage to get my exhaust sorted (on the car - duh!)and while waiting saw this article which was largely sympathetic about a six year old tg 'girl'.

I hope the link works.

150,000 thank yous

I nearly gave up on posting tonight having spent an hour or so trying to get on site.


Sorry, too late home tonight, and then I watched the David Hare play, 'Turks & Caicos'.

Any one heard from PS?

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It's been a long time since I remember seeing his name on site or a comment on anyone's story. Is he okay?

A cartoon for you.


Too tired to write tonight

Sorry, got home late from work then had over an hour on the phone with my needy friend just as I started writing. Too tired now, hope things will be better tomorrow but it looks like a heavy week.

Bike - the future

It's coming to that time again when I ask what you, the reader, thinks about Bike, should it continue are you happy with the storyline and so forth.

Sorry, No Bike

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Been on the phone to my needy friend, so no time to write tonight.

Jared Leto 'road tests tg character'

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The actor plays a transsexual afflicted with AIDS in the Dallas Buyer's Club and who uses 'total immersion' in his characters as his method of acting.

What's happened to my kudos?

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When I went to my account page my kudos hoard appears to have disappeared. Is this from the recent work on the hard drive or do we have a kudos thief on the site?

No Bike tonight

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Sorry, life has prevented me doing Bike tonight, had a long phone call from my needy friend which sort of used up my evening, which on top of a 12 hour day has sort of left no energy for scribbles.

Bunged up with a head cold

Sorry my brain has turned to mush (or more mush than usual) and my eyes hurt, so apologies for not posting anything tonight. Hopefully, I'll feel better tomorrow.


8068 words

Not bad for two days. Don't expect it next week, I'm back in work and have to do my accounts for the taxman.

The same story in two different papers.

The Daily Wail does the usual dirty trick of using irrelevant material in a the tragic story of an astonishing accident, where a large Red Deer stag charged a group of people in a driveway and unfortu

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