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No Bike tonight

Sorry run out of time. The shit that my life has become in recent months continues. At times it feels like everything I have is being tested or destroyed. Now it's my car which is going to cost a lot to repair and get through the MOT, earlier on Bonzi was attacked by another cat. My daughter is still suffering her fatigue, which is worse since Huw's untimely death, and working for the NHS remains very much a case of lions led by donkeys.

Europe's first transgender pride march.

From the Guardian - where else? - a transpride march in Brighton. Did you know there's a trans flag? No nor did I. Dunno if I'm getting old, but the fact that it appears most of the population of the earth is now deciding it's transgender is getting a bit passé. Anyway for those who want to read it...

Computer is sorted

A local computer shop had the required power adapter for my HP laptop and it was competitively priced to those I'd seen advertised on the internet. Took me moments to fit and test. I'm glad I have the netbook as back up but it runs Word Perfect and I prefer Word, far less fiddly. So I'm back up and running, well limping along as usual.


Those numbers

As a self confessed comments and kudos slut, I've reported the unusual figures my kudos totals show. Just now it was 164,164 so I've accumulated a few of them probably about one per hour I've spent writing and posting stories here and one or two other places. It's poor reward but all we get as authors here, so please give generously to all of us story tellers and wordsmiths.

And the bride wore a white dress - so did the groom!

Despite threats from the officials at the Moscow registry office, the two turned up looking like twins, considering Moscow's very strong homophobia, this wasn't against the law. See link to Daily Wail below.

Queen of the Mountains

I spent ages looking for this story of mine which had been wrongly attached to some other stuff, probably by me, and thus not obvious on my non-EAFOAB stories, so I've added a link for those who might have missed it. It was written nearly two years ago but I enjoyed reading it again.

For those who weren't aware of my stories other than Bike, I offer a link to them here.

Too tired to write tonight

Sorry folks, but I worked late today and despite the best of intentions, I can't stay awake enough to do justice to the cast of Bike, who are like a family to me. The wretched computer system we're having to use is total rubbish and causing lots of wasted time because I'm not very good with it. I won't dwell on it but I spent two hours extra at work tonight trying to sort out the mess my clinics had developed into, for which I won't be paid.

No Bike tonight


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It was my son's funeral today. I didn't attend because I knew I'd not be welcome and might have said or done something. According to my ex, some dickhead of a Baptist minister did quite a religious service and didn't mention our family once. It's not just me who is non-religious, my son was as well. One of my daughter's friends told him so afterwards. Again good job I wasn't there or he might still be picking bits of the Old testament from a very tender place.

Thank you all for your kindness.


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Thank you all for the messages of condolence you've sent me after the death of my son. I have no idea if I'll be allowed to attend the funeral, not that it worries me that much, except it would have been nice to be with my ex and daughter to give them support. The reason I don't care about going is that it will be staged managed to show my daughter in law as the wronged, long suffering wife who is now a single parent. The fact that we believe she drove my son to suicide is probably another reason I keep away from her, I might not be answerable for my actions.

In a strange place.


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I'm in a strange place at the moment, sort of on autopilot. At lunchtime I received a call that put me there. My ex phoned to say my son was dead - he was 33. Apparently, he walked out of his camper van in the middle of the night and then jumped to his death from a motorway bridge. I don't know why. His wife will probably blame me, although I haven't spoken to him for four years, his choice not mine. I can't say I feel particularly sad, because I can't actually feel anything. I worked this afternoon as normal because I couldn't do anything else.

Bike puncture


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Hi folks, after such touching commentaries concerning Seven years of Bike (perhaps we could get John Williams to do the soundtrack?)I hate to say I probably won't write one tonight. Been a bit of a busy day driving up to Wales to take my ex to Cardiff to buy a new suite, cooking lunch for her(my suggestion)and then going to see my daughter and doing a ride with her in the afternoon. She's still not back to her old self so I really appreciated her giving her time and energy to indulge me a ride. Then driving back and sorting out two rapacious moggies.

How time flies!


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It's 28 years ago today that I officially started my transition and went into work in a grey two piece. In some ways it feels much less than that and in others, it seems centuries ago. During that time I've lost some good friends and also my mother and my aunt, who were both supportive of my decision.

Bike and beyond

We're coming up to another centenary with Bike, and I'd like to check that I keep pedalling or should that be peddling? Assuming Erin is happy to continue to host the longest shaggy dog story in history.

I have to warn you that from Friday 4th for a few days postings might be erratic due to my visit to Yorkshire to the TdF and then having a visitor when I get home.

I see some of you noticed a new Charlotte's Tale, I intend doing something with PFH - TBK when I have a bit of time, so that's the next project.



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