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In a blatant attempt to double the number of my readers to four, and still basking in the afterglow of completing SNAFU - at least in its first version (I want to do a full edit when I have time)- I'm

SNAFU completed


Fair wabbit

I had loads I could have done today, from mowing grass to doing laundry to riding my bike. I was too tired or lazy to do any of them.

Greetings from Gabyland

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It was good to meet up with Mads and the rest of the crew on Friday evening for dinner at a very reasonably priced carvery to fortify us for the stresses of the next two days.

No Bike tonight

Life seems to be intent on stopping me from having any time to myself, which is when I write as well as sleep, eat and poo - okay, TMI.

Guess what I was doing today?

I had the day off and drove over the county border into Devon. The reason for my quest - see below.

Considering my future.

No one ever suggested that it was easy being a writer, though I always thought on BC it was easier than most places because of the friendly atmosphere. I'm not so sure anymore.

It's funny how stories emerge.

I don't believe in muses, writing is a cerebral thing and it's something I've always done.

Has anyone heard or seen anything

Has anyone heard or seen anything of my compatriots, Alys and Ceri?

High heels for children

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A blog on the Guardian based upon an article in the NY Times. I hope this is one trend that doesn't cross the pond, it's plain stupid and the parents should be prosecuted, it's tantamount to abuse.

123456 - an interesting number.

Especially interesting because it's the number of kudos I appear to have in my account.

Sorry folks.

Got lumbered with a long phone call from my needy friend and haven't got time to do Bike tonight. Hopefully tomorrow will be easier.


Dormouse Blog

Dormouse Blog.

Some more stories from the archives.

We're probably having more new material every day than ever before, so it's easy for earlier works to be forgotten.

More Bike?

We're approaching 2100 episodes of Bike and I thought I'd better ask the readers if they want me to continue.

Just watched 'Burton and Taylor'.

A BBC4 film about the thespian couple who loved each other but couldn't live together. It was very well performed by Dominic West as Richard Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter as Liz Taylor.

Worth reminding you.

I think it's worth reminding people that there are some cracking stories on this site in the archives, both stand alones and serials.

Thanks for the well wishes

On account of my 27th anniversary of changing my lifestyle and everything else, and for the ensuing sixth birthday of Bike on Tuesday.

Sorry, been out

Sorry, I'm entertaining a visitor and we went out for a long walk this evening - it was delightful, but by the time we got back I was late starting Bike and keep falling asleep as I try and write it.

A couple of Anniversaries for me.

Sunday is Bastille Day, the anniversary of the storming of the notorious prison in Paris which was one of the trigger points of the French Revolution and arguably, the French have been revolting ever

Sometimes it feels lonely

being one of the few intelligent life forms on this planet.

Sorry no Bike tonight.

Been out watching hedgehogs in my garden then had to listen to an hour long phone call from my needy friend.

Been to see, 'Man of Steel'.

Which involved some walking there and back, plus a bike ride this morning against a strong wind. So, I'm just starting to scribble tonight's Bike, if I can stay awake.

Totally Insane


Sorry no Bike tonight

It's not true that Whizz has gained control of Bike and plans to sell it to addicts at an inflated price.

Sorry, too late to write tonight.

Sorry folks, I was just starting to write tonight's bike and my needy friend rang - do I have to say more?

Totally Insane

I recently reread this series and actually enjoyed it, forgetting half the stuff that was in it.

Sorry - No Bike tonight.

Sorry I've been distracted by my fridge turning up its compressor or whatever happens to deceased cooling units. I had to dash out an order a new one as well as cough up the readies to pay for it.

Too many books?

A girl can't have too many shoes can she? In my case that also applies to bikes and books, the latter outnumbering the former by about 400:1 and I have ten bikes so do your own calculation.

Interesting but curious...

Since the death and resurrection of BC, my stories have received more hits but fewer kudos.

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