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Princess for Hire - The British Kid pt 5


For those of you who've asked me to do some more of this, I can reveal I'm about half way through the next episode of the 'Perils of Pauline.' I would suggest that at the current rate, it might be next weekend before I get much chance to finish it and do a check through.

So those of you who wish to renew your acquaintance with my fanfic of Melanie E's saga, can start re/reading now.


Five years and one day

Goodness, I just noticed that I've been a member here for five years. Originally, I just blogged a few times because I was posting elsewhere, although Erin was kind enough to give me author status based on my other efforts.

Silk purses from sow's ears?

According to a link I was sent by a friend, plastic surgery in the US has reached new heights, okay it's from the Daily Wail, but the pictures are impressive. Only two things stop me, finding $30,000 and general cowardice - I'll bet it hurts.

And more on the 'she's my dad' theme:

J - Lo has male stunt double

Gay rights - oppression in Russia

According to an article in the Guardian, St Petersburgh is following other right wing local legislatures in condemning 'Gay propaganda'. I wonder if we've seen the pendulum start to swing back to the right after the recent increase in liberal policies around the world.

Looking at the way the church in Europe and America is increasingly trying to undermine personal freedoms and various governments seem intent on the same agenda, are we starting to see a reversion to old hypocrasies, double standards and totalitarianism?


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I've finally managed to get time to do another episode of Charlotte's Tale. I've said before that I find this one hardest to write because she seems to get into dark places. That hasn't changed, Jane is still a nasty piece of work, who has the power to embarrass or hurt our heroine.

I've had loads of requests to do some more of this story, so for those who sent them, I've acceded to your pressure and Charlotte's Tale 18 is up. I hope you enjoy it.

Woman dressed as boy to trick teen girls into sex.

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A story of a 20 yr old girl who dressed as a boy to have relationships with younger women is jailed. Here's how the Daily Wail saw it:

The same story reported by the BBC.

It's a funny old world.

Productive Weekend

I had Friday off and apart from a little shopping, buying a new tyre for the car and doing some scribbling, it was a non-event. Okay, I wore a skirt and some makeup for a change - I should have gone for a bike ride but couldn't be bothered.

After nodding off in the chair I started a short story, and two hours later I'd done two thousand words - it sort of wrote itself once I got started - my stuff seems to.

The Daily Wail, shows its true colours re: GID kids

Well, it had to happen, after a fairly sensitive article in the Sun, the self-righteous Daily Wail attacked, showing the forces of repression are in fine fettle. Makes the one in the Guardian look wonderful, hell it makes the one in the Sun look good.

For those with hypertension, maybe not a good idea to click on the link.


A comment on gender dysphoria - Guardian 24.2.12

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The link below is of a comment in today's Guardian by psychotherapist Philippa Perry, who just happens to be married to the eccentric ceramic artist and potter, Grayson Perry - yeah, the one who likes to dress as a little girl, when he isn't belting round in leathers on his motorbike.

The article is very balanced and concerns gender variant children of which there have been several articles recently. See what you think.


I'm the girl with the ladydad.

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From the Guardian, so it must be good (evil laugh).


From today's Sun

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A five year old boy who lives as a girl - I heard this mentioned on the Today programme on Radio 4.

Here's the link:

From today's Observer Magazine

This is the true story of a family which was totally devastated by the outcome of bullying on a son who might have been gay. I read it and wept, it is so sad. It involves suicide so please if this pushes your buttons don't read it.


No Bike tonight

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Sorry folks, but I've been out helping some friends lose a quiz - I expect we came last, but I had to leave before the end to catch my train. So it's a bit late to scribble an episode, I know I've said i could write them in my sleep, and it might appear if some were so authored, but they weren't as far as I can remember.

Hopefully, normal service(?) will be resumed tomorrow.



'I slept with 1000 men'

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Apparently, this self confessed 'sex-addict' confessed on national day time television that she'd had over a thousand male lovers, then revealed she'd had a sex change.

She apparently wanted to do a photoshoot with the Sun. Attention seeking or what? Voice was quite good though.

Sadder than any character I could dream up in my stories.

Adam Sandler's latest movie

The movie gets panned, deservedly so, a drag queen without the refinements? Does anything go in comedy, or just women? Some do it better, some worse.

Principal Boy / Bike

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My original idea was to write a longer piece but I decided that you'd all be bored with it after a few pages, so I stopped where I did.

Female intuition leads me to suspect one or two of you might like a bit more of this, so when I have a few minutes I'll possibly do a second installment but that will be it.

I see we're coming up to sixteen hundred episodes of Bike, do I presume the regulars want me to continue with that as well?

So do let me know on both of these if you would.

Angharad & the >^^< team.

Book review - Luna

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This isn't a new novel, it was published in 2004, but I enjoyed it so much I felt a need to share my enjoyment.

It's written by Julie Anne Peters and is written for teenagers, she specialises in that age group and she is a gay woman rather than tg.

New Gabysode up at Maddy's

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A new Gabysode see the link below.


Problems in posting

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For the past three nights I've had problems accessing or uploading Bike to the site - it took four goes last night and then I lost connection so couldn't do the continuity link. It seems ironic that because of the numbers of readers, the authors can't actually post stuff. I may have to rethink when I post or browse the site.

This isn't a criticism of the management because it's outside their control, but I do wonder why we're suddenly so popular apart from the genius of the writers and the friendliness of the site owner. I hope there's nothing sinister going on as well.


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