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Being Normal - an essay.

Being Normal?

An Essay by Angharad.

I’m sitting here in my dining room, which serves as a study cum computer room and library–I use the latter term loosely, I have books all over my house, but the dining room has a few more than the others, about a thousand more but that’s not the subject of this piece.

The idea for this arose as I was dressing this morning and is one that has occurred to me many times. It’s simply this, that much of the time the sort of things I wear are not that dissimilar to the things I wore many years ago, ie before transitioning.

Princess For Hire - The British Kid

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I've done another chapter of this, so as soon as Melanie approves it, I'll post it.

Thought I'd warn you all so you can read the previous three to remember the plot line - don't forget to sprinkle comments and kudos as you go.


Breast Enlarging Serum

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I know, it's in the Daily Wail, but it might be true. In which case I want some.


New Stuff up on Maddy Bell's site

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A new Gabysode and a new Peaches. I've added the link below.


'My Transsexual Summer'

I watched this against my better judgement - usually, I stay well away from cliche TV - and on the whole was pleasantly surprised. There were still cliches, Drew takes two and half hours each day to apply her makeup, and sadly looks like she should either be on the catwalk or stage - it's OTT big time. Presumably a case of overcompensation, sadly because both she and Donna - who is all tattoos and piercings could make quite attractive females in a more conventional way. All the new women had rather male voices which also shattered the illusion they were trying to create.

Killing off characters

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Killing Billie off in Bike is the hardest thing I've had to do and it's left me feeling like I've had a real bereavement, I've been flat and depressed since - so why did I do it?

At times I've allowed the fantasy stuff take us away from the realities of life. Cathy's had to deal with all sorts of low-lifes and some quite absurd incidents too. At times the story has been humorous, verging on comedic; at others it's been more like a thriller and just to let you get your breath back I slip in a couple of domestic bliss storylines.

Transient global amnesia

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I saw this article in today's Guardian, which has possible implications for scientists understanding and ultimately treating Alzheimers.

It has absolutely nothing to do with transgenderism but does have an amazing picture of a fluorescent micrograph of a mouse's hippocampus (part of the brain).


Bike Record

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I'll wait for PS to do the official statistics, but just doing a quick count using the cat's toes, and counting back the last six or seven episodes, Bike has reached well over 2 Million words.

My mother always told me I would use half a dozen words where one would do, perhaps she had a point.

In keeping with the title of the story, I demonstrated the ease with which I manage to fall off bikes yesterday, thankfully no serious damage was done to the bike. Oh me, just a few scratches - bike riders is tough (unfortunately not as tough as the average road!).

Bike 1500

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If things continue as they normally do, then I should post episode 1500 on around Sunday. I'm pleased to see that I still get 6-700 reads per episode, not as many as some stories or some authors, but I suspect I get as many Kudos as most, and rightly or wrongly assume my cadre of readers enjoy my output.

I assume those readers want me to continue turning out tales of Cathy and her family for a bit longer, and also that Erin is prepared to have me clogging up her servers with my ponderous, prosaic and precipitous prolixity for a persistent period.

Are my assumptions correct?

Sam & Evan: From Girls to Men

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Film following the journey and the prejudice encountered along the way of gay couple Sam and Evan as they undergo the process of changing their bodies from female to male.

BBC3 tonight at 9.00pm.

According to the Guardian, they look to move to Manchester in the hope of finding more acceptance than they get in Rochdale. I wish them luck.


PS Now on BBC iplayer.

He's a lady - Andrej Pejik pics

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Courtesy of the Daily Wail, pics of the androgynous model.


Transgender victory in Australia.

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Link to Guardian story on victory in Australian courts regarding change of legal status without full surgical reassignment.


Megane Woes.

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I know we all have car problems from time to time, and in speaking to a friend about mine realised she'd had problems too.

Cavendish wins worlds!!!

Mark Cavendish wins the gold medal and rainbow jersey in the Elite Men's World Road Race Championship. I am exhausted just watching it.

Woooo - ooooh.

(Bouncing round and terrifying two cats)


Been dormousing.

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This time I managed to get to the meeting point, in fact I was first. We had a good survey, found six or seven nest boxes occupied four of which had babies in. Between now and the onset of winter they need to weigh at least 15g to have a chance of surviving hibernation. I got to handle another three dormice and either I'm getting slower or they're getting wrigglier.

Amazingly, one of the group was called Cathy though she wasn't leading the survey.

My little legs and back are now aching from walking up and down a hillside through quite rough woodland.

2011 - Gabycon

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I think it's fair to say that despite less than perfect weather, those who attended enjoyed themselves. The weather became damp, windy and finally sunny before reverting to wet again over the weekend though we neither allowed it to dampen our spirits or blow our enthusiasm away.

Bike - Cathy's amnesia

Something which has been buzzing round my head for a little while is what happens to us if we suffer Alzheimer's, dementia or some major head injury - would we still retain our new gender or revert back? I don't know the answer and hope never to find out personally, but hence the recent theme in Bike.



The merits of ferrets

For those of you who can watch UK television repeats, this one on the Channel4 website may be interesting, as one of the ferret rescuers is a pre-op TS called Kelly. All three of the subjects seem as traumatised as the ferrets they rescue.

See what you think.


Mammograms - the joys of womanhood

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It doesn't take long - that's the best bit - a breast X-ray, which is just as well because it isn't the most comfortable experience I've ever had. I think this is my third or fourth time for one of these close encounters with a plastic clamp and X-ray machine, where the woman radiographer asks you to relax while the corner of the unit is poking in your armpit and a large perspex plate is squishing your boob.

Zebra finches can have same sex pairs

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A link to the BBC site, although it talks about experiments done at Berkley, one wonders if they'd do the same as the gay penguins did in raising a chick from a donated egg.

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